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  1. So this is the photo the BBC have decided to use to push the jab on the over 65`s, some granny with purple hair and a grossly overweight nurse.... Sorry, I`m not buying what you`re trying to sell. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-66818046
  2. And in a sane world they would look at the data, realise that the ones getting sick and dying are fully vaxxed and come to the conclusion it`s the jabs that are causing the problem.......
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-66701748 Somebody posted this link on a forum I read.... Loads of people have replied linking the lockdowns as a major problems for their kids, problems that are still having effects now. Seems that the kids don`t want to leave their rooms and are begging parents not to go to school, the parents are complaining they (the kids) are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. School teacher then posted that the situation is as bad as it`s ever been. Who would of thought it eh? Locking kids away for no fuckin reason would have long term effects on their mental health?
  4. I agree... Just because you post a link from msm it does not mean that you are promoting it, far from it I would argue. Anyway, here`s another. A story that will gather pace over the next few months... https://news.sky.com/story/covid-data-indicates-surge-in-cases-and-southwest-has-uks-highest-infection-rate-12929862
  5. Either it was the heatwave due to climate change or she was shoveling snow due to climate change...
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jun/13/quarter-in-uk-believe-covid-was-a-hoax-poll-on-conspiracy-theories-finds
  7. He wasn't all that bad, he taught a fella I know how to play a didgeridoo blind fold... (old but still funny!!!)
  8. Seems like many are coming down with some `mystery virus` on a footy site I read but all saying they have tested negative for covid. Some reporting that they have been wiped out for 3 weeks, lost sense of smell and taste and are questioning the validity of the tests. Fuckin clowns.
  9. So that`s how the twin towers came down?
  10. Worth a read for a laugh.... Sounds like a desperate pitch from a dodgy snake oils salesman.
  11. That John Campbell is getting a proper kicking on a website I read, after being lauded as some kind of saint at the start of covid. They`re trying to reason why he`s changed his tune and have put it down to him wanting to make money from youtube. Could it be that after studying the data for three years he`s actually come to the conclusion that it`s all a load of shite? Nah, They think he`s betrayed them and is just chasing money.... Now I don`t really watch his videos but I do know he`s changed his tune somewhat over the last 6 months (not that I`m vouching for him in any way, he might be controlled, who knows). But it is funny watching them justify his change in stance.
  12. Forget the soil just look at those killer gloves, half an hour wearing those and you`d be grasping your heart....
  13. Well done Novak! Covidians must be frothing at the mouth...
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