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  1. Must have been all of the doves that were being necked at the time.
  2. The biggest one being her holding the book....How the hell can you think that it is ok for kids that age, with zero chance of having any problems with covid, to sit in hoops away from their friends. it's fuckin criminal.
  3. Yeah but what about the millions in that age group that would have died without the jab? Oh wait.....
  4. Got to be one of the saddest photos in the whole of this shitfest.
  5. Unfortunately many of them are in power or hold key positions in our society.
  6. Like having a survey on mumsnet :'Do you think Mothers are important'? Couldn't make it up if you tried.
  7. For me it's always been about the kids, they're the ones that they're really after.
  8. Whilst I'm not the sort of guy who wishes harm or even death on any other human being there are exceptions that prove the rule.....
  9. Amazing isn't it? The whole thing about this guy is a joke from start to finish. Just think how easily the populace is fooled in the UK when instead of having a go at the government because they have underfunded the NHS they turn it around and get everyone to focus on Tom, quite brilliant if you think about it. Then you have the trip to the Caribbean over xmas, getting an old man on a plane in the midst of a pandemic for a all expenses trip..... And don't get me started about his family.
  10. Reading stuff like this makes me think we deserve everything that's coming to us.
  11. Just google 'youtube downloader' and you'll get loads, not sure which is the best one. All they require is to copy and paste the url and click download, it'll then saved onto your computer.
  12. Copper bird on the right in bits as she's just been told she missed the head of the 65 year old she was trying to hit. 'Never mind love, you'll get one next time, maybe even older......'
  13. Read a post yesterday on another forum. Guy said his 4 year old had got covid at kindergarten along with some other kids, said that he and his wife made a decision that they were going to have physical contact with the child (just think about that, they were considering no hugs or kisses for a 4 year old....). He then went on to say the child had zero symptoms, zilch and finished by saying that neither him, his wife or there other child contracted the virus. Now, I don't know about you but wouldn't you be questioning the validity of the test in the first place? Or per
  14. Not at all mate. There maybe lots of people that will condemn that clip but imo this is what it's going to take.
  15. Looks great that, of course he had to get 'the families of the dead...' shite in at the end. BBC with nothing about the march on their website this morning, as if it didn't happen....
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