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  1. Worth a read for a laugh.... Sounds like a desperate pitch from a dodgy snake oils salesman.
  2. That John Campbell is getting a proper kicking on a website I read, after being lauded as some kind of saint at the start of covid. They`re trying to reason why he`s changed his tune and have put it down to him wanting to make money from youtube. Could it be that after studying the data for three years he`s actually come to the conclusion that it`s all a load of shite? Nah, They think he`s betrayed them and is just chasing money.... Now I don`t really watch his videos but I do know he`s changed his tune somewhat over the last 6 months (not that I`m vouching for him in any way, he might be controlled, who knows). But it is funny watching them justify his change in stance.
  3. Forget the soil just look at those killer gloves, half an hour wearing those and you`d be grasping your heart....
  4. Well done Novak! Covidians must be frothing at the mouth...
  5. Come on guys, this is the covid thread not AI, aliens or whatever....
  6. If Fauci went on TV tonight telling everyone it`s been a huge lie millions would still be looking for their next booster shot, pathetic is the word mate.
  7. And we wondered how stupid the general public were lining up for their jabs.....
  8. So it seems the covidians are dropping like flies with a new `super cold/cough`going around in the UK. All saying they`ve tested negative to covid but loads are really ill with it. Shame..... Anyone else hearing the same? Perhaps if they stopped getting jabbed and let their natural immunity system do what it`s supposed to do they won`t get ill. Pleps.
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-63819818 "The public may be interested in the finding that virus may persist in an infectious state, on foods and food packaging surfaces, for several days under certain common conditions." I guess that those "conditions" are living in a clown world.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-63605824 800 passengers have covid on a cruise ship as it docks in Sydney, you need to be fully vaxxed to go on a cruise...... Obviously the bbc article doesn`t mention this....
  11. Maybe they were shoveling snow?
  12. Very important video this, (apart from the woman talking absolute shite at the end) let`s hope it starts a blame game with the vax companies and governments pushing the crap.
  13. Looks like a Friday night in Stoke on Trent!
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