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  1. This guy has just replaced Kurz as Chancellor of Austria, who had to resign amid a scandal earlier this month.
  2. Thanks for the reply mate but he's a lost cause, he's so caught up in this nonsense that if he was told that blue hats were a great form of protection he'd go out and buy a dozen and wear two at the same time. I haven't actually spoke to him since all this started and have no intention to do so as we'd be arguing after 5 minutes, I've come to the conclusion it's better to let both parties go their separate ways.
  3. I've just been talking about this to the Mrs... I read a post yesterday from a double jabbed mate (of over 40 years) stating that he was very worried and not sure what to do regarding taking the booster jab. His problem seems to be that if he takes in now then it will lose its effectiveness by the end of winter (yes, that's 4 months) but if he doesn't take it now then he won't be protected during the winter, even though he's double jabbed. So does this mean he's expecting to booster jab every 4 months for the rest of his life? And if so then would he consider the possibility that his precious vax don't fuckin work? At what point do these people step back and look at what is happening around them, I'm getting to the point that I really can't understand what's going on anymore.
  4. What a stupid bunch of c%nts.
  5. Yes there are mate, you're not alone. I've just had to tell my family I'm not coming home for xmas, for the second year running as I'll have to isolate for 10 days at my mothers house if I do. Didn't go down well at all.
  6. Seeing a lot of this being posted at the moment, mainly getting symptoms, positive with a lateral test then negative with a pcr. Could it be that they have turned down the pcr tests sensitivity to make out that the jabs are working when in fact they are not. Seems also to be loads of people coming down with a severe 'flu' but testing negative, something is defiantly going on as it's happening too often.
  7. Serious question: What happened to all the talk about herd immunity? Weren't we supposed to get to a certain percent and then all would be ok? I remember them talking about 70% then it went to 80%, well they're at 78.4% in the UK, a few more thousand and they'll have reached their goal, then what? Nobody seems to be talking about it now.
  8. On a comical note I've just read this post claiming the jab has given them super powers... Has anyone heard, experienced or known of anyone that's had a bit of a lift in their physical fitness since being fully vaccinated? I could swear that since I had covid, it would take me at least 15 minutes of having to get my body up to speed during exercise, when that was never the case. I'd feel leggy, heavy in the chest and breathing a bit harder just from warming up. Since I've been vaccinated, this seems to be waning quickly, and I can feel myself having more energy and just not needing that breaking in or warm up period to be exercising with my normal intensity. Could be a placebo thing, but if I had some kind of lasting effect from Covid, could the vaccine have cleared it up?
  9. And they start them at 6 months old... Jesus.
  10. Who the fuck gives a 4 and 5 year old a flu shot? I'm 51 and have never thought of getting one in my life, is it normal to give kids the flu shot?
  11. Like you said, fear plain and simple.
  12. Super, that's more than 80% which is what they want for herd immunity, no? So now they've reached their goal how's about leaving the rest of the fuck alone? Twats.
  13. They will love it mate, the more control the more they'll feel 'safe'.
  14. Something's not right with the whole thing. Was reading another forum to gauge the reaction and it's unbelievably over the top, mainly from men, I doubt they would have been as upset if it was their sister or partner that was killed. How have these people got themselves into such a state over this case when there are over 200 other murders committed against women every year in the UK?
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