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  1. Reading the comments from an old friend on a forum I used to post on has pissed me off greatly. I don't know what to think anymore to be honest, can't get me head around how messed up this is.
  2. Could be a turning point. I'm well aware that there will be plenty of parents fighting to get their kids front of the queue but there'll also be loads that think this is a step too far, hopefully there'll be a backlash.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-56101041 Don't worry, it's only till April....Fools....
  4. Wow, shocking. Can't (or don't want to) imagine where this is all going and where we'll be in six months time.
  5. Did you click on the link and read their statements? Sounds to me that they're well onboard with the official narrative.
  6. Sounds lovely... I can only hope that that they push and push until they make a mistake and somebody blows the whistle and this whole fuckin thing comes crashing down. What else is there to hope for, can't rely on the populace of the world as they seem to have their heads firmly rooted up their arses.
  7. Arrest them? They'll be given an OBE or other such bollocks. As others have said on here, rewind to one year ago and ask any parent if their willing to let their six year old be used in a medical experiment you can guess the answer. What a difference a year makes eh? What do we have coming at us in the next few months... Can't bare to think about it.
  8. Incredible isn't it? How as a parent do you think that this is a good idea, but sadly they'll be queuing up with their kids trying to get them done first. Really sad state of affairs to be in and all very depressing.
  9. Thanks for making me laugh mate. (not at you obviously but the ridiculousness of the situation).
  10. For me the only way people will say enough is enough is when they get hit in the pocket. I know that many people have lost their businesses but the vast majority are either still at work on full pay or getting paid by the gov. I was thinking the other day how many people has lockdown really affected, financially I mean, and the more I look at it the more I think that it's not that many in relation to the population of say, the UK. This is why I see so many people shouting for lockdowns, purely for the fact that their pay is still the same. What they've failed to grasp is that they
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