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    Explain the difference between analogue and digital.
    Explain humans are inbetween industrial age and digital age (this will be quick, quantum age will occur with digital technology).
    Natural evolution has resulted in humans more understanding the number 1 or math.
    Math should be considered an element in the digital future it is void of emotions, only the correct answer is valid.
    Humans make errors.
    This is how we learn.
    Learning about the digital era is important to humankinds continued existence.
    When you understand it is about math, it is about 1 you will understand how important 0 is and how humans only created 0 in evolutionary aspects very recently, maybe this was the first step into the digital age.
    There are a lot of humans we reference throughout the ages that used math and it always brought us as humans forward. (Unfortunately some humans realised 1 was not enough so they went forward and wanted more).
    Humans don't even understand 1, yet some went off and added more, most are viewed as successful because they went forward. (Some are good some are bad).
    The ones that realised 1 started and ended (it had a limited top, and a limited bottom) looked elsewhere, (human intrigue is applied without knowledge and yet it supplies us with such, this fascinates me) what they found immediately behind them was 0. 0 interests me because it has no begining, no end, its infinite in that sense.
    This means humans start thinking and moving forward correctly because their thinking develops from not one but the influence of 1 other. (And that's it, because 0 is infinite right?)
    Welcome to digital age thinking,  once you make something infinite it will exist forever and therefore there are infinite possibilities for infinate probabilities for infinite......you get my drift, I know how to digitalise things so I could literally make an etc last forever. (Chuckles to self).
    I believe in future the importance of one will become evident to all humans and all successful (smooth) evolutionary paths forward will be because of the realisation that they only have to look at 1 and work backwards, because zero is infinite why concern yourself with moving forward from there?, they will realise it will happen naturally.
    (I think of 0 as a seed and relate it to birth and the start but I understand it is infinite which means both forward and back, both in and out, both left and right.......(again, boring now so no chuckle), this is why it's probably more seen as a globe by myself rather than a zero.
    This is intentionally digitally written to capture an analogue audience.
    Funny thing is I don't really agree with moving forward too quickly but I may have just typed this out from a 2 perspective about a 1 kind of thinking about a 0.
    Anyone wanna chat about Oumuamua being related to a real life number 2.
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