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  1. I've felt or perhaps received is people's explicit attitudes in role-playing with their emotions - smiling without being happy, upset when there is no need, etc. The feeling someone is calling you, then a few minutes later the phone will ring those things are becoming easier to predict. Over the last three months, my nights have become more interesting. I see patterns, movements. The colors are usually turquoise and purple that change between red and yellow, of the designs and shapes almost like a kaleidoscope with closed eyes. I can generally think of a color change, and it happens. My girlfriend staying over maybe once or twice per week has the opposite effect. She now has slight anxiety before bed, nightmares other undesirable effects of letting go of the day. The same person who would pray before eating dinner no longer prays has nightmares and doesn't enjoy sleep. Over the last twelve months, the change is that she is double shotted, and I never received the first dosage. I have no evidence that changed anything. Perhaps you could check back and tell us what has currently happened since you posted.
  2. Thanks I'll research and read more during the weekend. So far another term failing asleep consciously sounds similar, no articles seems to explain the sudden onset and accordingly hard to accomplish even with years of practice and gradual. As said, similar but some of these views are different, backing up a vehicle with a modern backing up camera vs the old vehicle where you look over your shoulder (the articles I've read) looking behind while looking forward if that makes sense.
  3. I've had unique experiences in the past three months with dissociative states, and also something I didn't know existed "closed-eye hallucinations" or closed-eye visualizations. Described out of body/dissociative, I find it very unpleasant and usually doesn't last more than 10 seconds. Feeling what appears to be looking down from the ceiling has become a terrifying experience. And for the "CEVs," it's patterns, shapes, letters/symbols maybe I don't know. If I concentrate and change the colors and patterns or said colors and patterns automatically change and rotate, speed also changes. I focus more while laying down and eyes closed, still feeling my back, side, or stomach on the bed and not asleep. I can "sit up" and very faintly see the colorful outsides of some items in the bedroom, bathroom, move down the hallway, nothing past that point. Everything is too black to make out an outline. I've never been into "this," never researched it, in good health, I'm on no medications and drugs. It's sparked curiosity, and even lucid dreams are becoming more frequent.
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