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  1. Thanks I’ve had a good read through on a few of the letters, I’m going to put one together using these as a template. I have a lanyard at the moment but they will be requiring proof as of next week so we’ll see what happens. I’m worried I will be suspended. A lot of people at work disagree with this but still signed the paper it’s the fear of being sacked so I understand but if more people refused maybe we’d have a leg to stand on rather than being looked at like a nutter for questioning it
  2. Hi all, been reading this forum for years I’m now writing here with a question.. I work for one of the major supermarkets in the distribution warehouse. So far regarding masks it’s just been when your coming and going but during actual work not needed. Yesterday we were told by management that as of next week you’ll have to wear one all time, so 8 hours of my day with restricted breathing, we were then asked to sign something to say we agreed, I have refused to sign and asked for something in writing as to what I would be signing(so far still been given nothing). I asked questions and was told even if you have a lanyard you need a doctors note and even with an exemption you will be required to wear a face shield rather than a mask! If caught not wearing a mask you’ll have 3 warning then suspended pending investigation! Madness! Does anybody have any suggestions?Thanks
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