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  1. So plz tell me.. what happens when the illuminatis/satan/lucifer have all the people on their side , and all the money? And no population left to extract energy from? What happens where there is nothing left .. Who are they going to go after , when no one is left? Their own kind? So the system is actually flawed, once there is no more destruction and pain to be done, well nothing is left , so then the illuminatis/satan/lucifer/evil will eventually destroy itself running out of energy that the people/ressources were feeding it.. As POTUS just simply walked away fr
  2. Yes deffinately.. so the natural law is a thing right ? And the questui que vie act is real? So if humans are eternal , following the theory and information i found on the court of ages page , when we die we reincarnate.. do we get to choose to reincarnate? Or can we simply stay as energy form,is this how we awaken? Following all that i have seen, this i think is making the most sense out of it all.. ghost per say , are in another dimension, human bodys are just a cocoon? i think that POTUS couldnt kill the cabal, because in the end it wouldnt matter ,because they
  3. Hi there, new guy , lots of questions, unfortunately my entourage doesnt respond very well.. im looking for answers, theories, ideas, open minds... ANYTHING plz! had A LOT of weird things happen in the last few days...
  4. Yeah kind of lost in here .. haha but im actually happy that i discovered that, is it ok if i show my brother?
  5. Hey thanks for the reply , ive never posted here before ..
  6. Hi , do you know anything about the natural extensions of first cause?
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