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  1. Yeah, kill gates is a terrible liar. Hes like a school boy getting found out,hes hand gestures, his face the way he looks right, touches his nose. It's so obvious even to the untrained that he is lying through his teeth.
  2. Thanks.i will do. It's a strange day. Kept myself busy but I feel there is alot of bad energy in the world today. My head feels like it's going to explode. It's a strange feeling. I spent time with the animals , did some work in the forest, walked the dogs.all of this usually clears my head and has me feeling on top of the world but not today. It's strange. An early night and then tomorrow it's another day and I refuse to feel like this tomorrow. Going to get to know the forum a bit better tonight. See where I can add some input. Thanks again and I will do!
  3. Thanks for this. I was browsing last night. It's a well put together documentary. I sent it to over 20 people this morning. I know a few have watched it but most people now ignore my messages. Lost alot of friends and family this year. Not to any virus obviously. Just gone our separate ways as they genuinely think I'm nuts. I'm not giving up. Will keep sharing the info I find here but I must be honest today is not a good day. It's the first day throughout all of this I feel down. Its finally got to me. I left london a number of years ago and I live in the woods in the mountains completely off grid. My own water , electricity, lots of land and grow my own food. This morning I ventured out to town. Very rare for me. On my way i passed a junior school and saw children in masks in the playground...I'm in france by the way.. Think that's what's got me down. My son is 3 years old and I have another on the way and honestly I'm lost so thought I'd join in here. Thanks again for this. My wife will watch with me again tonight. Were bilingual so maybe we could do phr part by translating some of these videos if they are not already. If anyone finds this in French do let me know. I'm going to see my donkey s as they can usually lift my mood.
  4. I'm new here. Was on the old forum. Been lurking on this one for years. Decided to finally join the conversation. Sorry to hear about your husband. Look into lugols iodine. The stuff is a life saver. Lugols iodine, magnesium and lypospheric vitamin c are my go to for all ailments now.
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