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  1. That's the same filth in the high viz that was told where to go with the guy out the window the other day. The guy who sent them packing asking if they swore an oath.sure of it
  2. Oh and no handguns allowed here. Fully auto gas powered are however Always thought they'd be enough personally
  3. Ha.... what about high powered cross bows??
  4. Thing is In the age of technology its hard to forgive the ignorance on this matter. Pharmakaia and it's long history of wickedness is rather simple to follow It boggles the mind quite frankly. On that note God bless and good night. Vitalism all the way. Lets hope their will be something that gives sooner rather than later because its starting to look like a pretty bleak year ahead and right now we have little choice than to go along with this insanity fueled ride. I've never had much faith in the masses but this is on another level.i still see the argument over this jab as 50 50 so let's hope that is cause for celebration. Let 50 percent have it and leave the rest out of this complete madness
  5. Wow!!!! I take my exam in 3 weeks for a license. If I pass I can own up to 11 semi auto shotguns . No limit on ammunition. Dont really feel up to it right now
  6. Yeah agreed. Probably all got affected in varying ways. Not true what I said come to think of it , I did get another vaccine before I was switched on and it was a flu jab. Pressured into it as a result of being asthmatic. That year I got the worst flu you can imagine. Was sick as for 5 days. Never again. I was 17 so 20 years ago. Started my journey to enlightenment I guess you could say
  7. Very well said. I am sure the tetanus jab I received 30 years ago gave me asthma... cant prove it but was the same year I had my first asthma attack .
  8. I got out 6 years ago. Plenty of good people I know who were not as fortunate as me. I genuinely feel for them. Dont get me wrong, all tough people. Good people but tough people. It breaks my heart but what breaks my heart more are the weak and vulnerable who are just born into the nightmare. I hear it gets worse by the day . Man it went downhill fast. Have found memories as a kid.
  9. Most of them brought it upon themselves willingly. Most of them deserve it. For the rest it's really sad. I'm from Croydon, plenty of stabbings there last night. Glad I got thr help away. Seen plenty of stabbings with my own eyes. Real sad state of affairs .
  10. Yeah controlled opposition. The guys a tosser. Private eye is just a little something for the champagne socialists to feel edgy. Put aside their white guilt. True story.
  11. Ha ha, not me! I'm hiding. Not putting my face out there. Who is this good looking bald dude you speak of?
  12. Theres 250 times the paper stock of silver than there is silver in circulation. If everyone demanded their silver the banks would be screwed.
  13. Yeah it's a weird one. Big arguments going on about it. Thing is a lot of the people I know who were behind the gme squeeze started talking the silver squeeze. The seeds of discord are being sewn. The gme squeeze doesn't need to be affected by the silver squeeze. If we can pull off this squeeze and we can get enough people demanding their physical silver its going to be make the damage done by the gme squeeze look like nothing in comparison. The banks cannot meet the demand of physical silver. The people behind gme need to stick to the plan and leave the rest of us to pull this off with silver. Sad that they can cause rifts even with this.
  14. Amazing. I've spent my day convincing people to buy silver. Physical. I stacked up last night. Going again tonight. Let's run them dry
  15. Were gonna pull it off. Going after the bastards
  16. I'm sure people here have heard about the Gme short squeeze. Now it's time to go after the banks with silver. Silver is just about the most manipulated price of the century. The banks have kept it low screwing over the every day man. Well now just like with the gme stock which just lost the hedge funds billions its time for on all out attack on the banks by bringing silver up to it's real value. If we pull this off it could be a huge game changer. I think there is something like 250 times the amount of paper contracts than there is silver so there is a coordinated effort to buy silver coins and bullion so the banks cant honor their contracts therefore taking them out and driving up the price of silver. Buy physical silver and let's take the fuckers out.
  17. https://www.bostonherald.com/2021/01/26/health-care-worker-dies-after-second-dose-of-covid-vaccine-investigations-underway/
  18. I think they would have been the ones hiding behind the brave. I think the lack of realisation of those who rule over us requires an ostrich like behaviour and a trust in the nature of man which is wicked. Alot of those mask wearers (not all) would be the ones going along with forced vaccination and masking of children. The same ones that are so at odds with truth that they would still encourage people to get an experimental vaccine after just watching a loved one die a couple hours after taking the vaccine. Was just reading exactly that. A doctor of sorts just died in California I think it was 2 hours after the second vaccine. His wife said that clearly he died after complications from the vaccine but that he would still choose to take the vaccine if to do it again and that people should take it. That it's still far better than the virus despite him working with covid patients and testing negative. That's pretty scary from where I'm standing. The pinnacle of stupidity and complete subjugation to evil
  19. Yep.october 2019 I went to Malta to be with some family. I dont like Malta. I wont ho again. Anyway, I got home with a terrible chest infection. I never visit the doctor but this thing was bad so I decided to go. Mu doctor is cool. Hes more naturopathic. He has pretty much eradicated my asthma through natural remedies. Anyway he said my chest was so bad he had no choice but to put me on cortisone and anti biotics. That's really not like him. It cleared it up but it was bad. Dont ever want that again. I'm sure that would have been treated as covid if we had fast forward a few months. This doctor incidentally is leaving. Hes young and hes adored around the villages here. I'm no fan of doctors but I'm genuinely sad to see him go. I went to see him for something else mid last year. Nothing health wise. A check up for gun licenses. When I arrived he was fed up. He asked if he could take his mask off. I said sure. I asked him his honest opinion and he said right at the start he was on call for the hospital and he saw a few more sick people than usual but that it didnt last long Nd that he had not seen anything unusual for months. I trust this guy. Hes gone against the grain to help me best asthma instead of just pumping me full of drugs like the uk did for 25 years. He then went out of his way to make sure my son was not vaccinated. Hes a good guy. I'll miss him. My point of view is that maybe something was passing around early last year, who knows. Maybe a bad flu strain, or maybe some experimental virus. Who knows but clearly in my opinion everything since has been bought on by masks. It's common sense. Its gross. Your supposed to exhale not breath back in all the filth. I actually want to stay away from maskes people. It's a vector for filth.
  20. The wall street reddit incident is beautiful. True people power. Not sure the consensus on bitcoin around here but I'm a holder. Have been for years. I'm not selling. It's my middle finger to the bastards. Bring them down!!!! They cannot control it unless they shut down the internet and it will always come back, they tried and tried but they cannot control it.
  21. One more thing.... this week I've got in touch randomly with 3 old friends. All on the same page as us. All out there doing their part. That's about ten people I know. Granted plenty more on the other side but leave them be. I have sympathy for the elderly. They are scared witless. Its not the tv. It's the younger generations confirming the lie to them. Have sympathy for the elderly and the weak . Everyone else let's have it out
  22. Theres hope. Always hope. I'm a God fearing man. That's my bag and I'll store my treasure I heaven. Not on this cess pit of a planet. People want to hear the truth. They are in bondage and scared to speak out. There is power I truth. Let's speak it wherever we go. Whether we are God fearing or not it's all good but we should not fear these snakes. They are running scared. That's why they are pushing their luck. I will not accept this future for my children. No way. I will fight it with force if it comes to that. Sick of this shit . Sorry for the profanity but its called for. We the people have the power. Think of the children. Its sickening. Sorry to repeat myself but let's do our part people and turn this tide
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