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  1. Yep watched it tonight. Cant say I agree with him on all things, but the guy knows more about vaccines than just about anyone out there and clearly states this is catastrophic for humanity. He doesn't mince words. We could be sitting here in a years time and the worlds population be cut in half .....its a very real possibility. I personally think this is a mass cull. The common cold will be killing the vaccinated. Lets hope I'm wrong
  2. Just seen this is what was being referenced to. Good video.
  3. Ww2 official narrative has more holes than swiss cheese to anyone willing to take the time. The greatest story never told. I'll say no more. The biggest sham ever pulled.
  4. God is always fair. Also forgiveness is always on the table. We are all sinners. All from the line of Adam. If not for Jesus we would all be doomed, and we all deserve damnation. Recognise Jesus and you will be saved. A vaccine will not hinder our salvation. To say otherwise is just not biblical.
  5. I've been trying for years to burn that tether. Only regret is I didnt get on with it sooner. It's been a crazy few years. People still think I'm insane for the most part. It's not been an easy transition but its starting to bear fruit and I'm glad I finally made the decisions I did. Living a year without water at all. Heading down the mountain to fetch water every day, no heating to start with then being ripped off all my savings for a heating system that didnt work. Dry toilets. Putting up with family and friends saying it's no way to bring up children and starting a garden on land people said was impossible to grow anything on. Finally things have come together. Sent me completely nuts getting here but I think it was worth it. I expected a few years of relative calm before the storm and then 2020 hit. I just want to share what I have learned and encourage others to do the same. Next project is an animal sanctuary and to grow more food to feed some of the less fortunate in our society. That's the plan anyway
  6. Yeah. My bad. Didnt understand the hostility is all. For someone to assume so much is bizarre to me. I have certainly done my bit to give my middle finger to the banks and I'm not talking about silver.
  7. I would also imagine I understsand the banking system better than you. Did you buy bitcoin when it was worth peanuts? Seriously your the first person on this forum who comes across like a piece of shit. Take care oh mighty Zeus. You seem really hurt. You cant print gold and silver out of thin air. I don't even understand your point. Bye now. Enjoy your slavery
  8. You sound silly. Your system is going bye bye. Enjoy.
  9. I come from a poor background and I'm living on 50 acres of my own land in the mountains with hydro electricity from water that comes from my sources, where I grow food to feed my family. I built my house my self and live 100 percent off grid with no mortgage. I cut my own wood and mill it myself to build and heat myself for free. I owe the banks nothing. I own bitcoin gold and silver . I own a plantation that I got through being really stupid that was priced the other day for me at millions of euros in 15 years. Yes I think you have a point oh mighty Zeus I'm stupid and also naive. Let me guess...you dont grow your own food. You dont own land you dont heat yourself and you are completely hooked up to the system and probably owe the banks money. Good luck
  10. Youd be welcome to build a log cabin on my land. I'd even give you the logs. Wrong country though I think sadly. Problem with wondering the wilderness here is the winters are hardcore
  11. I dont see any masks in those cars. Youd think people so desperate for the holy habits would also be the sorts to drive with masks on
  12. Probably had people willing from the start wanting to fight fire with fire but were warned violence is not the answer. Much better to just accept your fate and accept slavery/death....amirite? We live in spineless times.
  13. No offense taken at all. I make you absolutely right. Whilst I am a follower of Christ I am part of no organised church. I believe in small community gatherings. I do know some incredible people if God . Missionaries all over the world. I was bought up in the church. A very good church full of good people but it's become too wishy washy for me. Diluted, politically correct, and tied in ti charities commission and the government. It's ok, it is written this would happen and when the going gets tough a new communion of the saints would rise up. Its upon us. The church showed its hand with the lockdowns. I still know great people who have sacrificed everything for Gods work but my faith in the organised church is long gone. In America there are good Christians but the prosperity churches get all the attention. None of it is by accident. All by design. Even I who am a critic of todays church , catholic or otherwise am quite shocked by the stance of the average Christian and church on this convid shenanigans. They have shown their true colours. So be it.
  14. Absolutely Alexa. Another good book by hislop called the two babylons. All about the catholic church.
  15. You shouldn't confuse the catholic organised church with christianity. Christ's teachings and the catholic church have little in common. People can say what they want about Christian's because for the most part Christians dont care but moreover because society likes to make mockery of truth
  16. Sorry for my typos. Dont know what's up with my fingers
  17. You are right. Point being if forced vaccination ever arrives and I'm erring on the side it wont funniest enough surely you do whatever it takes to protect yourself or your loved ones. It's TRUE though...violence is not the answer . There is a reason our eyes are open and we haven't fallen under the spell. Hold the thought, stay sane. There are some twists to this tale yet. Ultimately I believe our maker will have the last word and that's all I need . Sorry I was making bad jokes. Love and wisdom is the way. Keep doing what your doing guys and girls and thanks for this place
  18. Ha ha. It may well be appropriate. Ah just kidding. It's not come to that yet. It's all good. There is still plenty of hope. There are enough people to get this pretend vaccine willingly and there are enough opposed to it to throw some spannefs on the works. We can shoot the bow at some targets and keep the fuel and lighters for bonfire night ...
  19. By the way I checked and crossbows are still legal in the uk. As are lighters and petrol. Just saying
  20. Apologies if this has already been posted https://www.bitchute.com/video/5GDRh6vaHKpv/ I'm still uncertain of where exactly this vaccine is going. Bruises won't do it though. Start ferociously fighting back any means possible. Its pathetic how subservient we have become.
  21. Couple of old school theologians. Check out mans day and things that must soon come to pass by mauro And earth's earliest ages and a short book called animals their past and future by pember. My favorite writers of all time. Just cant reccomend them enough to any fellow God fearing Christian
  22. Alexa are you familiar with gh pember and or Philip mauro?
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