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  1. You dont have to explain anything to me. I don't know what's going on in India and neither do you I would presume. I think india is leading the world in vaccinations, I believe as I'm sure you do that these vaccines will kill and maim. India are susceptible to side effects due to poor health and overcrowding and generally filthy environment. All I was saying was that if there were a rise in deaths in india you can bet the house it's due to vaccines. Indian variant equals vaccine damaged/ allergic reaction. You dont know what's going on in india. And so what some police doing the satan dance? What does that prove? The police in india are so corrupt, india is a massive country, etc etc. You have nothing to teach me sir.
  2. Agree with what you say and I have books on transhunsnism and believe its the goal and also believe they are further ahead than most would imagine. They are forgetting something though. Nature is way more powerful and unpredictable than they are not to mention our maker. Both will have something to say and bitch slap humanity so hard. Solar emp, ice age, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, famine..... would be a real reset
  3. Its what my logic tells me. People talk of them having the antidote but it doesn't make sense. What antidote would there be for a mRNA vaccine? Also way too many people for them to protect, ie families, connected friends etc..... I'm just not buying it. The push to get everyone vaccinated tells me all I need to know. They would have vaccinated the willing and opened up shop by now if thads all they had to do. They know there are enough sheep out there to go to the slaughter themselves.
  4. In with you. Besides I dont believe this nonsense. You cannot be messed up by being near a vaccinated person Until we see proof of that it's just all a psyop
  5. Ben Shapiro the Zionist shill wolf in sheeps clothing.
  6. At some point were going to start seeing bodies pile up due to vaccines though. EVERYWHERE. how do we know that's not genuinely started in India? The initial damage were seeing from the vaccines would be allergic reactions to the ingredients in the vaccines. The carnage will come after when test subjects are exposed or reexposed. At some point people are going to start dying en masse. Maybe its already starting in india!? At this point who the hell knows what's going on over there
  7. I live in France. Had my parents here since last summer. Not in my house, they have a house nearby. My dad is pushing 80 and my mum 73. I have 6 siblings. All in uk. My parents went and got thr Pfizer jab two weeks ago. I've avoided them since but they are in need of help so today I had to go and see them with my son. All my brothers and sisters who are not in France pushed them to get the poison. I'm livid. None of my siblings have spoken to me in months because of my views but yet it's me here dealing with the folks whom I live dearly. I cannot fathom why they have taken it. I was avoiding because I dont want to be near the vaccinated but what's the point? We are exposed to the vaxxed now and there is nothing we can do about it. I'm so angry. Humanity has failed so hard this time. I'm not sure what to believe about shedding but I'm stuck anyway. Do I leave my parents alone? I cant do that, despite how angry I am, its just not in me. I'm more angry at my siblings.
  8. Billy apostate Graham. Lol Billy graham the man who brought the false gospel to millions. Turned christianity mainstream. Then the final nail in the coffin, the toronto blessing. Same sort of time feminism reared its ugly head into the church and was all down hill from there. Now the women call the shots and the church is finished
  9. It's a good shoot. As a witness to multiple knife attacks I say knife attackers should be put down.probably saved a life there that police .
  10. Made me laugh... They fink were stoopid. Not saying I dont believe in global warming but...... Lol yep you're stupid alright
  11. Yes. That's what I would presume. Same with Bill Gates, joe biden etc. These people see alot of people. The day a real plague hits humanity ir would be these peoples errand boys out in the public with the elites hidden away. Although I'm on the fence. I've been sick for 8 days now and 3 weeks ago I was invited for a drink at a clients house I'm working it. Whilst there they informed me they had the vaccine. That did get me thinking. I think that if there actually Is a novel virus out there for the past 18 months then its passed through the worlds population a number of times. Why am I suddenly sick now when people are getting vaccinated!!?? Who knows!?
  12. I always think of those behind it. The people behind this would not allow for themselves or their families to be at risk from other people whom they come into contact with who have had the vaccine. Same as at the beginning of this whole thing when the elite were not rounding up their families and heading underground, that really should have had people already suspecting something was already amiss.
  13. Me too. Pretty much my whole family and all but a handful of people who grew up with me in my particular fellowship. Its very hard to make sense of considering some of these people I would never have seen it coming and certainly not my own large family. Lets just say I'm one out of 9 that sees what's going on. And they say I lack discernment. Isolating indeed
  14. I guess were living in that time when good is called evil and evil called good. Alot of people have truly shocked me the past year. I mean really shocked me. Its mind boggling. Just from what is in these vaccines alone you would think would be enough to turn the christian community away. But no. They are lining up begging science to save them from an apparent disease which is not that serious at all. Over riding our God given immune system with DNA altering science.
  15. The only place you find any churches speaking out seemingly is in the USA, not all but some Europe forget it. The church has failed miserably here. Truly sad. I know people within churches here who are on the ball with this but I can assure from direct experience that the leaders from the churches in Europe are completely on board with this. Truly scary stuff. I cannot express how sad this makes me. Mind you I've said for years the church must collapse and the real church now in the west is in home churches. The middle east, africa and Asia the church is going strong. These Christians know all too well the face of oppression
  16. And to someone else its anyone who questions covid19 needs help. Let's leave it there. Educate yourself on said subject first anyway. You clearly only have the official Zionist version of ww2 engrained into your soul. This much is evident from your Canned cliche responses.
  17. Oh man , as I was reading this I thought to myself how on earth have I been forgotten my prebiotics!? I have jars of sauerkraut in the cellar that I made last autumn and other prebiotics. You are spot on about the importance of gut health and pro biotics. You dont need to convince me and yet for some unbeknown reason I have not taken any prebiotics in a few months. I am big into diet and foraged foods and food as medicine, recently I have been eating a bit of crap which is unlike me, too much chocolate. Terrible so that would mess up my gut flora. That coupled with completely forgetting my prebiotics is probably a big reason to why I have come down sick as a dog the last five days. As I was reading it jumped out at me. Now I'm even more certain of how important Lacto fermented foods are. Thanks for indirectly reminding me Ziggy
  18. An apparent surge in cases where I am. Was talking to the guy I work with the other day and he said be careful there is alot of cases right now. He said his neighbour and wife and 3 children are all quite sick. I said to him its probably the vaccine spreading something about. To which he replied that actually his neigbour and family had gotten their vaccines a week or so prior. On Friday night I started to feel rough, from Saturday until today i have been pretty crap. Nothing to write home about but with what i would call a very bad cold or a minor flu. Only reason I find it strange is that I'm rarely sick and during this whole joke of a saga I have not masked up, have not hidden away and have gone about my business as normal. So a year of not even the sniffles and now when everyone is receiving their vaccines apparently everyone around here is sick. Either the vaccinated are passing around a bug or I have a bad cold which has been renamed. Incidentally my two elderly parents go to get their Pfizer jabs today. Cheered on by my brothers and sisters. Both highly at risk with their health for these killer jabs Fuck this world. I'm praying for hurricanes, praying for tidal waves. Want to see it all come crushing down. On that note. Have a lovely day.
  19. You have a lot to learn but I'll leave it for another time and place. Does questioning the official narrative of ww2 give this place a bad name when all other questioning is encouraged? Or is it rather you know that subject is out of bounds because a narrative has been so enforced it has become the only acceptable thought process on the matter despite the obvious contradictions in the story. The official ww2 story is as fake as the official covid story. I'm sure mr icke deep down knows this if hes ever taken a moment
  20. You have a lot to learn but I'll leave it for another time and place. Does questioning the official narrative of ww2 give this place a bad name when all other questioning is encouraged? Or is it rather you know that subject is out of bounds because a narrative has been so enforced it has become the only acceptable thought process on the matter despite the obvious contradictions in the story. The official ww2 story is as fake as the official covid story. I'm sure mr icke deep down knows this if hes ever taken a moment
  21. Most of what we see and hear about Hitler was just the communists projecting what they are masters of. Hitler saved his people from the same cunts that are putting us through this current psy op. Then we decided to give him and his people hell for daring to resist. If Hitler was ultimately powerless then there is no earthly power that can stand in the way of what is coming.
  22. If you want a mask to keep out a virus you should try a full face gas mask .not a piece of cloth. You need to cover ears and eyes too and the filter should be changed often
  23. If someone thinks a piece of cloth or some chemical laden chinese fabric can stop a virus then who are we to spoil their delusion? Its like putting up wire fencing to keep mosquitos our of your garden. It wont do shit but why not try anyway. Let the retards wear their dirty masks atleast we know who they are
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