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  1. Amazing stuff I always have hydrogen peroxide, magnesium, lugols iodine, colloidal silver,ravintsara and lypospheric vitamin c in the cupboard.
  2. Yes. Absolutely. I'm a long time bitcoin holder. It's all away on a hard wallet and my codes are hidden away. My brother was the same, only his is on a software wallet where he day trades and makes interest. I suggested this might happen and he thought just the suggestion was insane. I think people like him could get stung hard. I bought some way back for my childrens future as I had nothing for them. When I bought my house that was a ruin I made it difficult on myself by taking half of the money I had aside for doing the house up and instead invested into bitcoin and straight away took it off line and onto a certain hardware wallet. I genuinely believe alot of people could get really stung if there is an attack on the grid. Covid 2.0...... a staged cyber pandemic. Then all the elite will have amassed all of the remaining bitcoin. I do think bitcoin rubbed some wicked people the wrong way and may be part of the reason for alot of their diabolical plans going into desperation mode. Hyper drive if you will.
  3. Yes not to mention wiping out alot of peoples new found wealth, ie bitcoin.
  4. I'm with you. You're spot on. I get it. I'm going to pray and try and put away this negativity. Thanks for the response. God bless and good night.
  5. Exactly same here. It's been my experience too.its really strange. Some kind of protected self entitled victim complex power trip.
  6. Yes! Quite. When I was young I was a big crystal palace fan. I used to go from the age of 4 so was indoctrinated into it I suppose. 33 years ago would have been my first match. I was taken in. I have not looked at a score let alone a match in over 4 years. It was like overnight something happened. It all became so clear how silly it all was. Nowadays I dont know who plays where. Hell, i wouldn't know if crystal palace were to win the premier league. If someone had said that to me ten years ago I would have laughed. Honestly the last time I was watching a game, streaming from where I live I had an epiphany, thought why am I wasting my time watching these idiots . So much to do. Ever since the bug just left me. I haven't watched any sport except for the odd ufc fight since.
  7. @Beaujangles I wanted to quote you but cannot find the message. It was in reference to violence. I'm really struggling at the mo because I abhor violence. I'm no stranger to it. I've seen some terrible things and grew up in a very violent part of London and experienced violence regularly from a young age ( my Mum fostered over 200 very messed up children over the years from before I was born) I have boxed my whole life, have trained with UFC fighters and world champion boxers, have been in countless fights, some where weapons were used. I have had people kicking me in the head on more than one occasion and I have plenty of old friends dead or in prison due to violence. All that to say I abhor violence. I dont want my children to have to deal with it which is the main reason I moved away however I will protect my loved ones to the death and in essence I'm trying to hold on to my belief that violence is not the answer. I'm struggling though of late. I cannot help but think we must start to fight, guerilla warfare , start hitting them where it hurts, like they are openly doing to us, forced vaccinations, children being taken away, threats on our liberties...wheres the line? I'm struggling with this at the mo. I think of change through history and most times it came about through violent means. Are we conditioned to believe violence is never the answer even if it means walking head on into our demise? Is this evil agenda not worthy of a real physical pushback? When those who lord over us(politicians,billuonaires) or those that push the narrative(msm) or jab our children (allopathic doctors,nurses) are afraid to walk the street or worry for their own children maybe we can turn the tide. I'm not saying that's the answer I'm just saying I do not see matching peacefully in the street changing anything. I'm fully aware that most people think of idiots smashing stuff up etc and I agree that's just stupid and doesn't help anyone but the IRA for instance would never have been effective if they were peacefully marching in the streets. ( absolutely not endorsing the IRA here) It's like the trans agenda on children, that calls to me for righteous anger. We are so apsrgetif we may as well all jump into our graves now. Its really tough one and something that's been bugging me. I'm not saying what the answer is but I'm certainly not going on a march with a bunch of people whom the neft day will get back in line and play a role in the dystopian nightmare. Anyway I'm rambling, I hope I put my point across without sounding like some ass
  8. If I hadn't chosen where I am it would have been Wales. My 4 grand parents were welsh. My parents used to live in Wales but they left. Cant remember off the top of my head where they were but my mum said back then it was tough for an english woman living in wales. She said in the village she was the locals would speak Welsh around her because she couldn't understand. I was out watching a game of rugby in croydon one night between England and Wales, with a welsh friend. We both support wales when it comes to rugby. Wales won the match and afterwards on the street I said to a couple of welsh fans we won and they said to me that I was not Welsh. I said I'm english born and bred but welsh family. They then asked me and my friend to speak welsh to prove we were Welsh. My friend speaks welsh, me not more than two words....cymru ambyth.....anyway they were rather hostile towards me and assured me my side lost. Ha ha. Tribalism is a funny thing, I was in New York watching world cup final cricket between Sri Lanka and Australia one time and I chose to sit with the Sri Lankans as I was supporting them over the Aussies naturally. An australian came over and said I was in the wrong side of the bar, presumably because I'm white. I assured him I was in the right place and that I was supporting Sri lanka to their horror. The Sri Lankans found it so funny they bought all my drinks that day....Australia went on to win in a very close match. Funny old world
  9. Likewise I wont use any names but that's interesting. They are a breed that's for sure going against the grain in that industry. Twas my industry but I got out. I see ian brown is fighting the good fight.
  10. I wont lie. I'm a god fearing, follower of Christ and I wont lie. It breaks my heart I'll probably never get back home again. Have a handful of great friends back home whom I miss dearly. Will probably never see them again I shouldn't think. None of them will take the vaccine or lie so likely we wont hang out again. One is a drummer of a very big band in the uk. One of the UK's biggest ever bands and he says he will not take it. He told me blow the music. He will go back to wood work. Another friend who is theologically on the same page as me joked today hes building a submarine. It's sad really because I gave him some land where I live and started building him a cabin which in a few years he was going to come and have but he stayed to look after his elderly Mum as his dad recently passed. Him I have known since we were toddlers and that one makes me sad but hey ho were both on the same page.
  11. We need to go back to rural communities. Leave them to the cities. Come to the boonies folks and let the cities burn. Run to the mountains!!!!!
  12. Oh shes had rows. Not long ago someone gave her a mask to put on in a shop and she threw it in their face and walked out. Here masks are mandated for everyone even outside. She goes to the market, no mask. She walks past the police, they've never said a word. Shes been a beacon of light in my life. A real covid rebel lol
  13. Oh yeah all those dropping in the streets. I remember. Incredible propaganda effort. It worked
  14. Good good. My wife is the only I know here if I think about it.
  15. Do you agree from what your seeing that the covid Gestapo seem to be mostly made up of women between 20 and 60 and weak lefty men with a small m , Or is that just my bigoted self?
  16. Definitely not fast enough for my liking that's for sure. Yes intellect is the right word. Apparently alot of clever people that I know looking very stupid right now. You can take a man through school but you cant make him think and all that. I keep saying as cs Lewis warned, what are are witnessing is the pinnacle of the religion of scientism. Interesting what he had to say about that and how right he has turned out to be. In my observation and this is not intended to be rude but I'm seeing women or a certain age group of women as the main pushers of this agenda. The radical post feminists seem to be fosming at the mouth to execute this new episode of scientism. Now the media talks about women suffering more as a result of covid. From death rate, which if you believe the official narrative is not true and through job losses, also not true. I know people who dont want to go along with the official narrative but are doing so from pressure from girlfriends or wives and my own sisters and mother whom are by no means feminists are also part of this bizarre moment in history. I'm ranting now and I love women but the feminism cancer in my opinion is really something to take note of in all of this. I said I have faith but I abhor religion and cs Lewis was right scientism was going to be the new religion. I'll add feminism as a little side religion.
  17. Oh I absolutely believe wickedness passes down through the years. We inherit the sins of our fathers and all that. Very true about the money and being hard to explain. There does seem to be an insane fervour to literally hab us all though. Not happening. I'm hearing more and more people saying they are staying away. I could be wrong but I get the feeling there is a bit of an awakening going on. Seems that way. Not sure if things are changing in the uk but here it certainly seems so
  18. I dont believe the dna thing because of my personal beliefs. This is mans day. Not lizard day, not et day, not satan day but mans day. This is the culmination and the end of mans day. Its man trying to be God and completely fucking it up. We denied God, crucified christ and took the keys to this world, man is corrupted, wicked, and those elites are men too. Men with power from a long line of wickedness but men all the same with the same dna as you and I. That's my belief so that's why the DNA argument I dont believe. I dont see anything different in the behaviour of the elites. They are carrying on as normal. The push for the vaccine tells me they rely on getting it into as much as the population as they can. Not one person per household because shedding will take care of the rest but an Insane desperate push to jab as many as possible
  19. You have elites literally running around as normal. Disproves time frame argument. The royal family see alot of people, the little ones play with other children,bill dates and Fauci constantly in touch with enemies,not to mention biden, etc. If they were all in caves right now I'd give this an ear. DNA? I personally dont believe that. Maybe they chucked something dirty in that vaccine that sheds and may harm a few people but to suggest we are being exposed to dna altering or life ending technology merely from being around vaccinated people is a stretch. Tell me... why such a desperate push to get us vaccinated still? Surely their job was done after the first few million doses? Why the vaccine passports? They need us vaccinated.
  20. I can believe that about the baby. But the mother was vaxxed. The problem is with the shedding thing is that I just heard certain mainstream media is picking up on it. That's a red flag. They want to divide us further. My parents got vaccinated. I love them dearly, I fully expect their lives to be shortened but I'm not going to avoid them for the rest of their lives. Someone on telegram covid channel told me that all the people behind this are hiding and that Bill Gates etc are exposed too. That's bullshit. Think of soros, gates, biden, and all the rest of them.... are we expected to believe they are lambs to the slaughter too and I refuse to believe that a billion lucky people in the world got the memo and the antidote. It doesn't make any sense. I keep entertaining it and then my sense tells me this is bullshit.
  21. Whether it's real or not I think it will be the spark. People will turn on each other. Thet are lying about the number vaxxed too. I truly believe its 50 50 on this. Where I am even less than that have been. France has traditionally been anti vax. My 75 year old sawmill neighbour who is pretty ignorant of the world we live in was telking me the other day that he will not get the vac and said he has heard of strange things happening to women. No idea where he heard that. He doesn't have the internet. Hes never been to a city and never seen the sea. People are talking
  22. Me too. Agree 100 percent. Sexual intercourse I can understand. Yeah why not. Same with lymes disease which in my opinion was a bio weapon using hosts such as ticks, fleas etc. They deny lyme disease can be passed on through sexual intercourse but it can and I presume a very large percentage of the population are infected. Where I live ticks are outrageous and the majority of the people that have been living here for many years have chronic lyme disease. It's another debilitating disease that most people give no thought to. Incidentally when I was a child here at 1000 metres up there were no ticks. Now it's just a horror. Nothing slows them down. Each year it gets worse. Minus 20 for weeks in a row and it doesn't even effect them. I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped them from the skies. Who knows. Yeah for me Alex jones etc are pushing more divide. They want people at each others throats over this
  23. Notice how all that is being talked about at the mo is this vaccine transmisability . Everywhere it's all people are talking about. This is a psy OP in my opinion. I've give it thought and got a little worried but it does not make sense for so many reasons. Ofcourse they could pass on /shed something from the vaccine. However that's why we should keep our immune systems healthy. I'm struggling to see how they could be shedding this spike protein on to us. My parents had the vaccine two weeks ago. Idiots. I've had no choice but to be near them. Along with my wife who is pregnant and my young son. This is all people are talking about. It's a sideshow to take our focus off of what matters. We should be at war right now. These fuckers should be scared to go out in public. Somehow people have convinced themselves that the only answer is diplomacy. Good luck with that. The only answer is unfettered anger. These scumbags and their families should be made to hide away . Stop with these pointless marches. Its pointless. Burn down their houses, their businesses etc.
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