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  1. Yeah I spoke to an old friend the other day. He knows my take on it and even said to me last year this all seems over the top. Well anyway he said to me he had the double jab and he feels good however someone he knows us very sick with the new delta variant which he caught a day after his second jab. He said he guesses it takes a few days for the vaccine to come into effect. Said it was like getting shot on the last day of the world war. Honestly I just laughed . They just make it up as they go along and will literally believe anything to go along with science.
  2. I from a huge network of church goers and so called Christians. The vast vast majority seem to have gone full on covid cult. This is in europe I'm talking about. I dont know for sure but seemingly across the pond it's a different or far more mixed scenario
  3. So true. It's been decades in the making though. Charities commission ie government put its dirty claws into the church. It embraced things like the toronto blessing, started showing football matches in replacement of meetings to keep the youth around and embraced materialism and hyper feminism . Christian's paying to go and watch demons like joyce meyer spout her fake gospel so she can hop on her next private jet to next hopeless destination. Not to mention the whole zionist movement. Then along comes covid and most apparent Christian's are begging for immoral scientific practices to save their flesh rather than have a little real faith. Fuckin shame, shame, shame
  4. It's real. I repent often. I was not a god person. You know something happened to me when I was a child. Well many things actually.grew up with much abuse of all types, sexual abuse,violence and mental and I grew up angry, violent in return, addicted to substances and wanted revenge. I one day truly forgave and for the most part tried to change my ways. That act of forgiveness is to this day the most powerful thing I've ever experienced . Didnt need to see the person or the people to believe. Just found true forgiveness and left it to God. I'm glad I did because I was no longer in self destruct and was able to breath again. I'm still a sinner and still find myself repenting frequently but it's ok. Cant change what I am. Fallen and utterly hopeless without divine intervention
  5. I don't need to retract anything. I dont need to be on the same page as you to appreciate something you have expressed
  6. You see, God gave man free will. He realised that man was hopeless but he still loved us and longed for us to worship him and be good. So he sent his son, himself in the flesh who we viciously murdered. That was the deal breaker, when we killed christ we inherited this world, thr age of man came into play. God would no longer interfere in mans affairs. God went away to prepare his kingdom for those who could accept this truth, that without christ's blood we are hopeless and deserve an eternity away from oit creator. He however did leave a part of himself in the form of his holy spirit to guide us and to be a connection to the one true God whom used to in days of old be more present. When man betrayed God and built the tower of Babel, ,God came personally and scattered those people. The bible explicitly says that God became the God of Israel and left the other lands to other gods or to fallen angels as it were. Israel deserted God too and on that day christ was crucified mans day began and everything since has been out doing. This is no game to God. We have no right to wonder where he is or why he does not intervene. We deserted him and crucified him in the flesh sealing our fate. Not at all preaching here. We must all find our own paths and come to terms with what we are and how despicable this world is. I know what I believe and I long for this reality to be brought to an end . It is my belief it shall be. I'm a sinner as is everyone else and I deserve hell fire but I can rejoice because through Jesus Christ my lord and saviour I am saved Not because I'm good at all but because I recognise how utterly hopeless I am and it's only with the blood of Christ and the holy spirit that I am able to refrain from all the wicked things my flesh cries out for me to do. Their is a redeemer friend and its Christ Gods only son. Man as with all else turned a simple truth into something it is not and along came religion and dogma. Yes we perversed Gods own word to us, complicated the most simple teaching so that man yet again would bicker and allow arrogance to get in the way of the fact that we suck and cannot be without sin but it's ok because Christ took it all away and that with this truth we can resist our fallen nature God bless everyone and Goodnight. In these dark hours I pray for Jesus return but I accept that nothing man can do to me can compare to what awaits those who look past that arrogance and ego and accept the simple truth that is God in the flesh Christ Jesus May the world know that I am yours. I will never be silenced. I will resist my sin to the point of blood, And I will wear my scars like badges of honor. But let my hope cry out that my God is greater than the pain of persecution. My God is greater than this world. There will never be another chance to live today for God. There will never be another name that can save us from ourselves. And so, steadfast and undeterred, I will proclaim the name of Christ to a dead and dying world. I am not ashamed! We will resist our sin to the point of blood, And we will wear our scars like badges of honor. But let our hope cry out that our God is greater than the pain of persecution. Blinded, I saw that Christ is Lord. Now, may the world see you through open eyes. God, my Father, reign
  7. I hope I'm wrong but I've got a feeling come autumn /winter there will be such carnage on many fronts that people wont be thinking about protecting. Like I say I hope I'm wrong
  8. My parents got the kill shot. Pfizer it was. I was sick after seeing them . I was pretty shitty, 2 weeks with mild flu like symptoms. For unrelated reasons I had a blood test done last week and rest assured my blood was thoroughly tested for just about everything and I'm all good. I have not been magically Pfizer'ed from a far. Lol Thought I would add a little story of mine. Got my blood test done and had to pay 2 .50 euro and didnt have the cash so said to the nice nurse I'll just pop next door grab some change. This all being in french of course as that's where I live. This is a little office in a local small village. So I pop next door grab some tobacco and enter back into the waiting room. As I enter a dutch tourist and his wife are in there. I walk in and he immediately shouts at me to get out. In French. I reply in french do not talk to me. He hears my accent and talks back to me in English. Says very angrily get out now. Only 2 allowed in there is a pandemic. He was extremely aggressive and rude. He was maybe 50byears old . So I said to him the only way I'll be walking outside is with him. I told him hes a fascist, and he should be careful who hes talking to like that. I said the world is in a shit show right now because of people like him and that maybe he has gotten away with speaking to people like that before but it ends with me. I invited him to come outside, he declined and stared at the floor. I said to him I'm angry today because peolle are talking about vaccine passports and people like him want my child jabbed. I told him the tide is starting to turn and that people such as himself will go down on the wrong side of history. I entered into the nurses room and paid berm wishes her a good day Turned round and left. On the way out I reminded him he was lucky to not have his mask shoved down his throat and to my amazement he started to apologise profusely. He said he doesn't know what got into him and he cant believe the way he behaved towards me. I said ok but I wonder if I was not ready to stand up for myself if he would have been sorry. He kept apologising so I accepted and told him its time to wake up and left. No idea why I'm sharing that, I guess its to say sometimes the only language these people understand. I've seen so much intimidation and bullying going on and people just take it. Not me, I refuse to be talked to like that without biting back. He was shocked. But its shocking to me he was shocked. Where I'm from you bloody well stand up for yourself. Clowns. Everywhere
  9. Indeed. I do get the feeling they put things into desperation mode as far as their plans go. Certain things were not going as planned and in my opinion the mask mandates were to confuse. I personally dont believe they have jabbed as many as they say and I also think there are alot more pissed off people than we may think With masks its impossible for people to make out who is and who is not on board. The media puts across such bare face lies it really is as though they are hanging on for deserve life just long enough to execute plans. Will the people revolt? I'm starting to think it's a possibility
  10. I feel as you do. Your post is spot on. Its mans day
  11. It's the great divide. Those who want to be enslaved and those that do not. After the start of this I am down to about 5 people I talk to from days gone by. The vast majority cannot accept those that question. Plenty of people I thought I'd be close with my whole life and now it's clear we are on opposite sides in one of the greatest struggles humanity has faced.
  12. And this is covid related. In a society that's becoming sicker and sicker it becomes easier and easier to stage a pandemic not to mention what we do to animals in labs in the name of science.
  13. No I dont have a slaughter house but i stopped giving the fuckers money once i realised what actually goes on. Pretty simple really, i decided i would never put another penny into that industry. So 15 years later and the first piece of meat j have eaten was last winter, some wild boar hunted on my land. I'm thriving , had a check up this week and apparently I'm the picture of health. Mu family and most of the people I grew up with are starting to look old. Me however looking and feeling better than ever. I miss the taste of meat. I really do but I will have no part in that bullshit. Plenty of people I've shown the truth to and they just cant part with their meat. No empathy. Just their greedy bellies. It's all good. Each to their own but we should all be way beyond pretending we dont know. People are becoming sicker, I could be wrong but I think its karma for all that wickedness we willingly partake in. Well deserved. I pass a couple calfs on my way to work at the mo. They have not left their cages. You know why? Because it makes the meat taste better So fuck those calfs .....lol people are beyond cunts
  14. The abuses on animals is not confined to the rich. The majority of the worlds population partakes in outrageous treatments of animals and that's just the truth. Of course this has an impact on humanity. We literally are what we eat and most of us eat meat of terribly abused, frightened innocents.
  15. Seems like too much of a push to get people vaccinated. They are giving out goodies to get people to take the shots. This so called vaccine has been in the works for a long time. They needed a virus story in reply to their vaccine not s vaccine in reply to a virus. This dude obviously believes the official virus story so makes sense he thinks this way.
  16. Is it by any chance a football forum?
  17. Sounds incredible. Wish I had coconuts and bananas growing. Spot on about the cold and growing food. Not many will be able to when it comes to it. Plenty to forage but that's lost knowledge to most.
  18. Well said. I live 100 percent off grid. Jumped into it head first. My son was born about 6 months after I got the place. The first winter was spent cold, no running water in what was basically a small ruin..I spent the following 3 years working around the clock which brings me to now. It's been emotional. Makes a man out of you. When I moved here I carved something into a log I cut and turned into a bench. The quote was "and into the forest I go,to lose my mind and find my soul" cant remember who said that but anyway that turned out to be the case. I've doubled the size of the house. Have running water from an extremely generous source , power everything with solar, currently reading about wind energy. Planning out a trout lake at the moment. Greenhouses set up, water heated via a wood stove, wood cut from my land. Sitting on 50 acres up here. I'm glad I did it but I must admit its non stop. Never a minute to stop. I would love to help people looking to do similar as through my mistakes I can sure save others some time and tears. As you say though you dont need to be in the back end of the woods. I was literally thinking the other day to myself why I was not already putting all this into practice in london. My advice would be to people get food water and heat ready. Take it from me it's becoming harder and harder to grow food. I'm not entirely sure why but I truly believe were entering a cold number of years. It worries me. Each year I'm seeing the growing window shorten.
  19. We know how magnets work and the amount of metal In the blood for magnets to be sticking to people is not coming from a syringe.
  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_gJqcLzRPCQ A friend sent me this. Please feel free to comment some truth bombs.
  21. Funny. I had the same thought. It's always the same anyway. The day someone is serious there will be no warning. It defeats the purpose. Who knows
  22. Problem is in times gone past they needed to keep so many pions alive to build things, move things etc. Now they can do it with machines. I suspect they plan to wipe out a very large portion of the population. I dont think they will succeed personally.
  23. Farmers, firemen, vets and nurses can give them out here so it's all a bit silly really
  24. Yes that's what I immediately thought
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