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  1. You cant impose martial law when there is a chance a portion of the military hates your guts. You declare martial law you may end up with a military coup. There are too many people against this and many would be military or atleast family and friends of military. More and more people know someone who has been seriously fucked up by these shots not to mention the toll it has had in other areas with regards to lockdowns, kids in masks etc. Declaring martial law sounds great on paper for the scum but is a balancing act
  2. It's a good idea. if they do it properly. What's your solution? Your not going to win in court clearly, there is no evidence of things slowing down, i think its time things got messy actually. There are plenty of ways this war can be won but most people are cowards, cucks or weak minded.
  3. As I understand that is for first offence and then a bigger fine then 6 months in prison.although admittedly I've stopped keeping up with it all. I did pop to the village a few days back to grab a few beers. Tiny little village and there were police there. I have never seen police in that village. They were indeed checking papers for handful of little restaurants or cafes. Its absurd
  4. I think it's a distinct possibility. Time will tell. I think it will be messy and alot of people will die but maybe not as many as we think Animal trials can give us an idea though so I think it will be am awful winter. Want to point something out though, a couple people I know, not friends, just acquaintances have just taken the shot. She was a high level British diplomat and he is as close as it gets to being french royalty. My point is alot more of these politicians and elite class are actually partaking in the experiment. They trust the narrative. I genuinely wonder how many of these types have taken the jab. We could be seeing alot of these politicians being victim to the jab Incidentally this lady is also pregnant. Taking her second dose this week.
  5. He wouldn't need to pick up a sword. Aa he said he could command God send 12 legions of Angel's at that very moment. He said I am and all his captors fell to the ground. He needs no sword. My point remains Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloaks and but swords. Jesus upheld the law of God and throughout scripture God used his followers to physically crush their foes. Christian's have been so brainwashed they throw scripture in verses out there without realising the verses they quote are categorical. In the event of protecting your family or other innocents from evil the sword is love. Our battle is with spiritual wickedness in high places and that spiritual evil comes now in white coats with a needle.
  6. Luke 22 verse I cant remember. Beg your pardon. Yeah Jesus literally told his disciples to go buy swords. It coincides with his crucifixion so I wonder if hes preparing them for the world to come. Mans day.
  7. Yeah of all the Christians I know which is a lot,the minority are down with the whole Israhell zionist nonsense. Sadly the minority shout the loudest and Christians have been bred to be too nice even if that means being nice even in the face of evil ie Zionism. I'm really done though now with the church with everything that has happened in the past 18 or so months. Want to point out a thought though for fellow Christians and its about what we should do in the face of evil with all this covid nonsense and more importantly the clot shots. Most Christian's nowadays, in europe atleast and many mainstream Christians in the USA have been brainwashed into believing we should never use force even in self defence. You will have verses thrown at you like blesses are the peacemakers etc or jesus saying to Peter those who live by the sword will die by the sword. He was talking to Peter about the judicial law for murder. He was upholding the law , Gods law. He was essentially arguing for capital punishment in the case of murder. I ask myself this question when thinking about this covid scam and now them targeting the children with deadly poison. Why did Jesus in Matthew 22 demand his disciples to go and buy swords? Christian's whoever's has convinced us of never using force in self defense I say read Matthew 22 and prepare to defend yourselves. The scripture does not say though shall not kill it says though shall not murder. Purposefully mistranslated . Psalm 144 1 praise be to the lord my rock he prepares my hands for war and my fingers for battle. Righteous anger is justified against this great evil we face. It's a crying shame the church has remained so apathetic to these crimes against humanity that are taking place globally right now. Long live the resistance!!!!!
  8. I hear you. Dont get me wrong its depressing. I dont agree entirely with what you say. Bare in mind they are now talking about boosters already. More and more doctors are saying begrudgingly that the jabbed are getting sick. People will become less and less inclined to go along with the boosters. Here there is alot of resistance. Honestly its 50 50 and I also dont think most people in the uk realise how many households on the continent are also armed with high powered rifles or shotguns. Winter is coming, many factors are aligning and fireworks are going to go off. What's for sure is more and more people are wising up by the day . Not enough admittedly but it's obvious that they are desperate to get people jabbed and the people who dont want it have made up their minds. Two immovable forces will collide and the ones not wanting the jab are bigger in number than they are supposed to be. It's also not just jabbed vs unjabbed, people here who have had the jab are furious at the pass sabitaire and are out protesting with the unjabbed. It's now coming into place so people will become more and more bitter as the days pass. The world will never be the sand again. Old societal structures are finished. Two tiered society has arrived. Let people now find it in them to free themselves from the shackles of globocapitalism and find ways to gather the like minded and take part in this war. Create our own great reset.
  9. No its backfiring. Man is always fallible. They fucked up. They predicted 90 percent of people would be running to the jabs to be saved. They are lying about the actual percentage of vaccine uptake. They desperately need the majority of the population jabbed otherwise it's going to become glaringly obvious that the jabbed are sick and the unjabbed fine. No doubt in the cities amongst the sheep, uptake is high. The scientism worshippers. There is far more resistance than they expected. Empires will fall. Only question is how long and painful the leading up to the falls will be. In France they are so desperate they have actually gone and created a literal medical apartheid. It's insane here. It is going to get nasty I assure you and when things get nasty there is no predicting the outcome. Likewise in the usa there are millions of people who simply will not accept this. And they are heavily armed and many many serving and ex military will go out with a bang. This is a war and neither side is guaranteed victory. The puppeteers dont mind a bit, they will reshape the future according to who wins as they always do.
  10. It's the only thing that bothers me too.
  11. Well for some reason the fuckers were expecting over 90 percent of populations to line up for the clot shot. I think they are out of touch and I think they are starting to worry. A revolt needs to happen and we need to publically hang these parasites. Nothing less will suffice. Where I am the vaccine pass came I ti play yesterday. So half the country cant di very basic things. Half the country. How do they think that will pan out. Honestly I think they are so up against it that they will try and release something else to scare us into submissions. Could be a miserable winter
  12. I just think deep down they know they messed up and want to know how many messed up with them to feel more secure.
  13. Hey everyone. Hope today is a day to remember wherever we all are. I'll be praying for eyes to be opened today. Just a quick story from last night. I took my boy up to my local village to have a pizza. Amazing pizza and I'm close with the owners. With the clot shot passport coming In i thought it would possibly be my last and I wanted to see what my buddy the pizza guy was saying. It was quiet. This time of year he should be heaving. Great pizza as always. Couple of masktards on the table next to us talking about rebels ie me and fortunately we are just a small minority. I think they are going to be in for a shock. As I was leaving the owner came around to offer me a beer so we sat down together. He says oh man if things carry on like this I'm going to close. So I asked what's going to happen with the pass. He said no way we will enforce it to locals and regulars but we just ask you to pay in cash for your own benefit. So I say cool. It's the only place I like to go. He says noone is coming in for pizza anymore and we need a revolution and a civil war. I say well its coming and he thinks I'm crazy. Says everyone is so stupid. So o say has he not seen the protests etc. No he says so I pull out my phone and show him some stuff on telegram He cant believe his eyes. He had no idea there was any resistance. He said honestly if this doesnt turn into a serious rebellion were all finished. The bar up the road closed down. Everything is closing and little yuppie middle class Belgians etc are buying the. Ul and turn ing them into fuckin pancake shops. Its dire. As I was leaving two unmasked walk in and hesitantly ask for a table. Mr pizza says yes we have a table and shouts out we are anti mask here, you are welcome. I give him a wink and tell him to keep the faith and spread the word. The people are awakening. I believe it. So when I got home watching some he man with my boy it got me thinking. If i didnt know mr pizza well I would be unsure of how he feels. Probably would have stayed away from his restaurant. Add onto that the complete media blackout and it's no wonder it feels we are alone at times. We are not. The masks the social distancing was all to force an illusion and stop us taking. The people going about ie the mask retards from last night are emboldened and think they are the majority. They are not. They are living a lie and I hope when the tide turns no mercy will be shown to these fucks that want this world for my children. Lets remember most people are unaware and as fed up as us.
  14. Ah, thankyou. Yeah it's a joke. Their was security at the hospital doors today. Went to visit. She has asked to be discharged early so that's good.she has to see a doctor this evening and can then leave. The whole system is crazy. I said to my wife earlier even with security on the door you could literally just walk down the corridor down the lift and straight out the front doors. She said it's very true but that youd have social services at your house thr next day so best to check out properly. Crazy if you think about it.
  15. So last night I had no choice but to go into hospital and see some regulations in action. My son was born late last night. My wife was a trooper Zero meds, completely natural birth and we have a healthy baby boy. I had to wear a mask,she didn't. Wife tried to refuse the pcr test. They said if you refuse it you are considered positive taken straight into isolation after the birth, separated from your baby and will have no visitors. Midwife was lovely and agreed just to touch the bottom of the nose. So just a little example of the disgrace of the rules from up high. They said our first son could come in to visit to get my wife to comply and this morning it's all changed again. He cannot come in. Only above ten year olds as they can wear a mask. I'm so glad I rarely deal with this brainless society. Bloody Joke. Thankfully all went well .
  16. More rain here.9 degrees here tonight again. I'm just hoping this rain for the past 6 weeks doesnt repeat as snow come winter. That really would be a problem. I hope you get some sun mate.
  17. Yes. Either that or a serious troll. I'm not sure which.
  18. You know I love my psilocybin but I've never I'd,d liberty caps. Right now I'm finding an abundance of cepes and chanterelle. I'm not complaining but i wouldn't mind some warmth before we go back into autumn. Have you sun worshippers stolen the sun?
  19. Says I have a proposition to optimise the denunciations We could submit a proposition of law to a deputy close to our ideas There is indeed the the possibility of our possible future president who must know This law would allow for the forced arrest en masse of the gatherings of the antivacxers 18000 proles should be fairly straight forward for the crs (special police unit) Once rounded up I propose 30 days in a special prison 2 forced rounds of injection, each time one of each Pfizer, moderns and j and j so 6 in total 25k fine which will go to 150k if found manifesting again The rest basically says after which we the good citizens can carry out tests to see the effect of all the vaccines for the betterment of science. I think this may be a joke. If not that person should be found and hacked to death
  20. Indeed it is. 13 degrees mid july where I am and wont stop raining. Not great for the garden. Good for the old mushrooms though. Imagine I'm picking mushrooms in july like its October here.
  21. Do you sacrifice babies oddsnsods whilst tanning? Lol
  22. Have no faith in us here in France. It's a dismal situation. The outdoor mask mandate is lifted yet the majority of people still wear masks everywhere. People dont want the vaccine but seem resigned to the fact it will become mandatory. People think of French as loving to rebel but that rebellion only comes by way of the unions. The unions seem to be fully on board with this it seems. I see nothing in terms of resistance here. No graffiti or stickers or any talk even. Its crickets.
  23. But it's all so predictable. Plenty of damage has already been done just from bad Initial reactions to these shots. Come autumn a fair amount of people will start dying. But we now know that no matter how obvious to us it shall be reported to be a deadlier strain of convid and the vaccine hesitant will be blamed. The evidence to anyone who wishes to see will be there but no notice will be paid by the masses. They will accept the lies and henceforth demise.
  24. Yep. Pure insanity that people refuse to see it
  25. Was just reading about children in New Zealand while are actually becoming poorly due to the lockdowns and compromised immune systems. Use it or lose it goes the saying and the immune system is no exception. Reality will come crashing down hard. Masks wearing,social distancing, hand gels stress and now of course the kill shots. Its seriously fucked!!!!!!
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