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  1. Farmers, firemen, vets and nurses can give them out here so it's all a bit silly really
  2. Yes that's what I immediately thought
  3. Amazing stuff I always have hydrogen peroxide, magnesium, lugols iodine, colloidal silver,ravintsara and lypospheric vitamin c in the cupboard.
  4. Yes. Absolutely. I'm a long time bitcoin holder. It's all away on a hard wallet and my codes are hidden away. My brother was the same, only his is on a software wallet where he day trades and makes interest. I suggested this might happen and he thought just the suggestion was insane. I think people like him could get stung hard. I bought some way back for my childrens future as I had nothing for them. When I bought my house that was a ruin I made it difficult on myself by taking half of the money I had aside for doing the house up and instead invested into bitcoin and straight away took
  5. Yes not to mention wiping out alot of peoples new found wealth, ie bitcoin.
  6. I'm with you. You're spot on. I get it. I'm going to pray and try and put away this negativity. Thanks for the response. God bless and good night.
  7. Exactly same here. It's been my experience too.its really strange. Some kind of protected self entitled victim complex power trip.
  8. Yes! Quite. When I was young I was a big crystal palace fan. I used to go from the age of 4 so was indoctrinated into it I suppose. 33 years ago would have been my first match. I was taken in. I have not looked at a score let alone a match in over 4 years. It was like overnight something happened. It all became so clear how silly it all was. Nowadays I dont know who plays where. Hell, i wouldn't know if crystal palace were to win the premier league. If someone had said that to me ten years ago I would have laughed. Honestly the last time I was watching a game, streaming from where I
  9. @Beaujangles I wanted to quote you but cannot find the message. It was in reference to violence. I'm really struggling at the mo because I abhor violence. I'm no stranger to it. I've seen some terrible things and grew up in a very violent part of London and experienced violence regularly from a young age ( my Mum fostered over 200 very messed up children over the years from before I was born) I have boxed my whole life, have trained with UFC fighters and world champion boxers, have been in countless fights, some where weapons were used. I have had people kicking me in the head
  10. If I hadn't chosen where I am it would have been Wales. My 4 grand parents were welsh. My parents used to live in Wales but they left. Cant remember off the top of my head where they were but my mum said back then it was tough for an english woman living in wales. She said in the village she was the locals would speak Welsh around her because she couldn't understand. I was out watching a game of rugby in croydon one night between England and Wales, with a welsh friend. We both support wales when it comes to rugby. Wales won the match and afterwards on the street I said to a couple of wel
  11. Likewise I wont use any names but that's interesting. They are a breed that's for sure going against the grain in that industry. Twas my industry but I got out. I see ian brown is fighting the good fight.
  12. I wont lie. I'm a god fearing, follower of Christ and I wont lie. It breaks my heart I'll probably never get back home again. Have a handful of great friends back home whom I miss dearly. Will probably never see them again I shouldn't think. None of them will take the vaccine or lie so likely we wont hang out again. One is a drummer of a very big band in the uk. One of the UK's biggest ever bands and he says he will not take it. He told me blow the music. He will go back to wood work. Another friend who is theologically on the same page as me joked today hes building a submarine. It's
  13. We need to go back to rural communities. Leave them to the cities. Come to the boonies folks and let the cities burn. Run to the mountains!!!!!
  14. Oh shes had rows. Not long ago someone gave her a mask to put on in a shop and she threw it in their face and walked out. Here masks are mandated for everyone even outside. She goes to the market, no mask. She walks past the police, they've never said a word. Shes been a beacon of light in my life. A real covid rebel lol
  15. Oh yeah all those dropping in the streets. I remember. Incredible propaganda effort. It worked
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