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  1. Same post in capital letters .. something along the lines of ... I know more than you ... I’m better than you
  2. Just all bait to collect info on folk more shills and agents on here than regular people Why the anti Semitic stuff doesn’t get closed down ... all bait
  3. Tbh it wasn’t 100s of hours just the same post repeated and allowed to do so by other mods bizarre
  4. Elementary ... obviously working from some office in Scotland.
  5. Your probably right I noticed last year most of the shills were Scottish . Sharon M etc
  6. Same principle as inviting a vampire over the threshold
  7. This is a acid techno and techno mix I’ve done on my vinyl decks live. Some classic and very new techno on here enjoy
  8. I think all the casual anti semitism needs to stop ... its a negative vibe
  9. So he will have entered the void with Melkor and Sauron
  10. I just figured someone as wise and a spirit from before the first age would have figured out other ways to exercise his divinity and essence powers other than his staff and voice.
  11. I’m not convinced, Tolkien rushed that the later stages of the book. It’s not of the same quality as the hobbit or much of the first age material or even the start of LOR
  12. I never understood who he lost his powers he was still a Maiar at the end of the day.
  13. The main reason Saruman went to the Shire was to obtain and smoke weed and then secure that supply. A bit like the Opium Wars
  14. Saruman is now called Sharkey he and swarthy men and Grima Wormtongue desecrate the shire
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