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  1. I am a starseed going through the ascension process. Been really tired lately. I have struggled with money for a long time. I cannot concentate easily and am running out of money. Any advice on how to get enough money to survive would be helpful thanks in advance.
  2. I am looking for any reliable information on ascension. I worked out i am starseed about 4 years ago and was hit by the symptoms of ascension about 3 years ago, i think. I have had a pretty depressing life and have started dwelling on the bad things that have happened to me and the choices i have made. I have light headed moments, tiredness, sleep problems and am eating less. I need to know if anyone can give me advice an how long this will last and how to get through this. I feel suicidal a lot. it's hard work just typing this. Thanks for any help.
  3. Do you get reincarnated straight away? or do you have to draw up a new soul contract ? Can you remain as soul outside of a body for as long as you want to ? Any information from reliable channelings or hidden knowledge is appreciated.
  4. Does anyone in the UK know how to access and watch the American emergency broadcast system ? There's a lot of speculation about what might happen which fills up these forums, but the next week or so should be interesting. I am getting lots of information from usually reliable sites that the TV networks may not be under 'deep state' control at some point. Not saying this what will happen. Thanks for any advice
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