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  1. Do you get reincarnated straight away? or do you have to draw up a new soul contract ? Can you remain as soul outside of a body for as long as you want to ? Any information from reliable channelings or hidden knowledge is appreciated.
  2. Does anyone in the UK know how to access and watch the American emergency broadcast system ? There's a lot of speculation about what might happen which fills up these forums, but the next week or so should be interesting. I am getting lots of information from usually reliable sites that the TV networks may not be under 'deep state' control at some point. Not saying this what will happen. Thanks for any advice
  3. By which i mean how wold i get whatever messages the authorities are putting out on it. I am sceptical of every government at the moment but with the supposed (quite possibly faked) inauguration i am hearing that thing will change very quickly in the U.S. Of course speculation like this is rife on these forums but as a UK citizen i would like to know how i can access this channel - digital TV ? PBS ? an internet site ? digital radio ? My search on the web has not been rewarding. Thanks in advance.
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