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  1. The last one about free food I did not know was going on till literally yesterday..it be funny if it were not so crazy!?
  2. Wow, now they talking about how they have all these appointments and limited doses...thousands of appointments and only a 100 doses? Yet they open up to all people 16 and up yesterday..wtf???
  3. UPDATE: since the day I read they would be offering the shot to those 16 and up they went ahead yesterday on the 25th and initiated ahead of the planned April 5th date. At this point any and every one 16 and up can come and have the shot. It's no longer just for frontline medical staff. WILD!!!
  4. I do not know how many of the forum participants can relate, but when ever my employer mandates the flu shot (had to claim religious exemption, FIT tests (where you breath in what ever), TB skin test (invasive and painfully irritating), I just cannot allow it..and it typically means a rock sinks to the bottom of my belly because now it's an unpleasant demand I find myself fighting...so frustrating to end up in this situation endlessly...
  5. HELP My work is asking that I be FIT tested. It is where they make you wear an N95 and a head dress and spray some aerosolized mist in the area. It is to see if the person can smell it. My issue is I do not know for sure what they are spraying and if it consists of nano particles then that will for sure get through while I am not aware. Of course this would be a kin to chem trails but it just concerns me. What if it's more than meets the nose?
  6. Yes it was in the newspaper at my work which I happened to glance at passing along...sigh...
  7. Starting April 5 2021 any resident of Knoxville 16+ will be allowed to have a covid-injection under EUA. Is anyone else having their youth targeted across the U.S. or England? How can this be stopped? It's a crime against humanity!
  8. Yes, do warn her! Tell her about VAERS, have some numbers, show videos of side effects. Most importantly come to her in a genuine manner not condescending. Tell her you truly care about her health and do not want her health to be harmed because of taking the (unecessary) shot. Print up some stuff and readings you can find on this site/infowars/david e Martin vids..etc..encourage her to wait and learn what she can then let her have her choice.
  9. WARN HER, but do it in a way that shows genuine concern..do not sound condescending. Print out what ever fact sheets and tell her about vaers. Tell her to wait and really consider that rushing into a decision is never safe and that you only want to see your colleague live a long healthy life without uneccesary risk or injury!
  10. Omgosh, I was just minding my own business when some woman at work who had the shot were huddled closely without masks complaining how my city is loosening restrictions...I mean I wonder why I put myself in that environment...
  11. Hey well thanks for your thoughts....also I guess I do not know where u live but do you think the immigrants that are crossing the border right in America now have been vaccinated
  12. You know everyone, when I was 12 I was so consumed with fear that I acted and did all the recommendations now touted for covid. It was so bad my parents took me to therapy where they prescribed me medication which was shoved forcefully in my mouth till I swallowed by certain family members who were involved in flaming my insanity (which I do not wish to explain). Anyhow, I can see where these manipulated fearful people come from. It took me years to recover and even longer to get to this point. I'm afraid to say, but some people are just out of time and all we can do for those is bid a silent farewell, hope for the best because they are now examples. There is always a silver lining and we should not lose our humanity and be hateful because someone made a mistake. They will pay for their choices...for some who know it is saddening, so continue to love them, but know we must not let it continue.
  13. Does anyone know anything about how a liquified liver could be related to the covid 19 shot?
  14. Nope, its life n death at this point. Feel bad for people who are not strong enough to just say no to this rape.
  15. Like the 10 commandments except there is an 11th lol
  16. And the CTO is paid time off because during the pandemic they closed and stopped elective surgeries so floors were empty and staff was not needed. It had nothing to do with gratitude.
  17. I have attached some images of a document my work place has had hanging up in the center of the room since December. I remember one of the Registered Nurse blatantly repeating everything off this sheet as if it was gods word. Upto this point they are not giving it to patients so it is odd that this piece is up for nurses/doctors/surgeons to talk about to patients.
  18. Claire


    Just to be clear knowing what I know about the vaccine ..those who took it must be suicidal..at least most of the people at my work have expressed they do not care if they die and those family had admitted to wanting to kill themselves in the past. I only wonder if that was their own thinking or if it was brought upon them by things they watch see and hear...strange...
  19. Claire


    Personally, I also have loved ones who took the shot. I begged for them not too. Some friends too. It's unfortunate because they arent well and I feel like their decision to risk their wellbeing does very much impact my relationship with them. Now all I can do is hope that they stay well despite the mistake, but ita not always easy allowing people to say my body my choice when it comes to matters of life and death. Who do you think has to deal with it when/if they succumb to illness from taking the shot. Those who warned them not to. It's not easy..I will continue to love and care but it sure is a damn shame and disappointment. I feel like there wouldnt be a therapist in the world right now who would listen to my concerns because they be like "the fda approved it" ...so..sigh
  20. I do not think the two are comparable in that sense...but it is funny how HIV pos are not allowed to donate..yet they have those with an untested, I'll bet toxin, donate...complete nonesense.
  21. Thanks Matt, I was hoping to take very specific classes, but they are expensive. I do go to school, just wish I could use the funding I do for regular classes on these. It is rather difficult to come up with the funds..
  22. I agree with you which is why I call them shots. However, I did not think about what inoculation meant. I knew I did not want to say vaccine, because as we both know..it is not one...
  23. ...I honestly do not sleep well knowing finally that the people around me were just hiding behind what they hear from authority or media. I personally suffer from speech impairment because when I was born my parents let them vaccinate me (an unthinkable amount). Thank my lucky stars I did not fall for this one. Now I just hope to live a long life granted I do things to better my body.
  24. Hey I thought I should respond, in the USA, at least my state, they say the blood supply is for some reason low yet many procedures and incidents requiring them one would think have gone down. However, my coworkers who took the shot are still donating blood so it's pretty much spilled milk at this point.
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