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  1. Please that bitch needs to go to jail their foundation shut down and their kids treated or watched as terroists... they are criminals and they should be held accountable...
  2. I messed up saying 70 mg..I looked again and its 0.70..but still unacceptable in my book.
  3. According to this guy distilling is the only way to remove it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P6WqbOQu0Mw
  4. I guess I could, I had invested in a berky and while it's great at filtering water of other stuff it doesnt filter flouride in any form I assume...
  5. I guess at this point it's about finding out what form of flouride they are putting in. The water and being able to filter it. I just wonder if those items discussed only address Flouride that's naturally occurring or that industrial toxic waste..I assume its implied these filters remove the toxic waste form ..
  6. I found out today, because I decided I face the truth, that my counties water contains 70 mg per liter... I feel stressed out now..
  7. Hi everyone, I really appreciate all the help and links here. I am wondering about another thing. A couple years back my chemistry teacher had us do something on what is in the water. fluorosilic acid. Now, the (weak) argument is made that somehow flouride naturally from the environment prevents cavities so they put that flouride in the water. Well, when I find no mention of it in its acid form, or where it comes from..(excess of toxic waste??) I can not help but think people think it is the same thing when it's clearly not. How does one remove it as an acid from water????? That's all I am concerned to know..I have a water filter but not sure if it can remove that? To the best of my knowledge I assume no?
  8. Well I honestly did try to look it up but it was not posted till later in the day. Just kept saying Kahn was in the lead. Plus, I was sort of hoping it wasnt true....
  9. Kahn the conartist ... :( oh well
  10. Who won the London elections for mayor?
  11. I remember seeing that video upfront on the issue. Man would I like confirmation of this or for it to be known to the public of her status. Frustrating...
  12. The video posted about more death from the shot than covid wont play? Anyone have a solution???
  13. Thank you for all this. I appreciate it!!!
  14. I'm curious as to the connection Cov-19 scam has todo with a 40 year ordeal over HIV/AIDS. Anyone, do you know about Pam Popper and her recent class on this if so please message or share? David, if you ever see this do you mind discussing this topic in some detail (if you know something people should know?).
  15. Man I look at the headlines and feel a sense of grief but also relief. Yea, I hate to read that a million have taken the death shot, but I am also super happy I'm not just another statistic.
  16. St. Jude (stationed in Memphis TN) is treating kids who have cancer or HIV. Knowing what I know now they are probably also vaccinating the kids. I'm shocked that they are continuing to abuse and harm children in this manner. The horrific coercion on youth to take the drugs and receive their treatment is extreme. Just thought this point would start a list of the myriad of children focused treatment centers that do little good.
  17. Anyone giving kids this toxic shit deserves prison or death..anyparent consenting to the murder of their child by this shot does not deserve to be a parent..its child abuse..I cant imagine any child being given it right now except the illegals and those in orphanages because they are easy targets...
  18. On another note today. I was at the library and the people working there were beyond psychotic. A younger desk librarian was demanding to see some certification for a mask exemption (not possible or legal). Everyone who I went to for help was hostile and tried to look away from me. And ontop of that one woman incredibly flustered wearing gloves which she touched everything with including herself was extremely anxious and hesitant to be around me longer than necessary. These people have serious mental problems and it's no excuse! ...I never realized how many people were on the cusp of insanity until a year in and they still acting like fools.
  19. Yes, currently that shot is a choice but I value my health, life, and spirituality above all things so..it would make no difference even if they did try to force it.
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