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    I live in the U.S.A. I see your link is for the UK...but I will look to see what you mention
  2. Claire


    I've realised that the places my insurence covers as far as I know have turned me away..and refused to offer the assistance I need. The places that do not take my insurence seem to be willing to see me and help but they cost a TON$. I'm caught in a fiddle stick mess..
  3. Claire


    Gosh, I could really use any help! At this point I'm frustrated because every place I've called says they cannot help assist me with this issue..I mean how the hell can I continue to work with declining respiratory health because of their atrocious rules! Anyhow, sorry I'm ranting ..its just been an issue that's been compounding for months..I cant take it anymore..
  4. Claire


    Update: I've learned that most Urgent care clinics cannot grant mask exemptions even if its causing ill health. They simply will treat the symptoms. I'm disgusted...thus far no meaningful help..what a damn shame!
  5. Claire


    It's a gut wrenching feeling knowing that every week I have to suffer through just cause that is the companies mandates/rules/policy...its hurting me physically and emotionally and the camels back snapped ..no turning back now!
  6. Claire


    Thank you for your input! I am already considering the fact that I may just have to work else where. Hopefully, my manager will be considerate and relate to the facts...I feel as though she feels as I do...but it's probably out of her hands and I cannot stress how many mask enforcers there are at my work..its ridiculous...
  7. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ldvG10Djrywg/ I found the clip originally off infowars..then decided to look on bitchute. The guy describes seeing 4 people with that phenomenon. All I see is the two guys..and commenters claim it's a amazon purchased lightbulb trick.
  8. Hey everyone, the straw that broke the camel's back happened today for me. I called employee health at my work and told them I can no longer wear a mask due to issues I listed off to them...they said it would not be acceptable unless it was validated by a primary care physician. I have no doubt I could get that done but it is frustrating as now I have to do that? Does not feel right as I should have the right to make that decision and not wear it...anyone have any comments or suggestions as to the matter? Also I do not have a PCP so I have to go find one...
  9. Hey everyone, not that we need anymore reasones to not take the shot/jab, but I saw that people (two old men who looked alike) were lighting up light bulbs after applying it to the injection site....honestly, the magnetism seemed a bit much but more believable than this!
  10. What's really odd is everyone at my work was saying they felt off or odd as if something was present changing the energy..but heck..who knows
  11. Must be u were happy..I hear time flies when one is having fun (in this case content)...
  12. Honestly, it was not just floyd..he became the marter...but there was plenty of other factors involved in pushing the chaos that ensued..they just needed something to rally behind..a sacrifice of sorts.. -sorry this is trivial..I just do not have much to say about the whole thing after all this time except that it's nonesense..
  13. Honestly it's alarming! I thought learning more about the truth (underbelly) would make me feel better, but it only frustrates me to learn about all the hypocrisy...
  14. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ir52z8Vb8uYr/ I thought I would just drop this video here..it is about famous singers and Victoria's secret models being transgender..honestly if true the world should be fucking furious..tired of lies and these bitches they plaster all over misleading young woman..if they are men..grrr
  15. Have you had any vaccination? Also one should account for chem trails..
  16. Claire


    For some reason, I remember hearing rumors that in order to be ready for the Olympics they offed the homeless population..
  17. Watched WATF #18 when ya'll discussed self censorship it reminded me of an episode I watched from man in the high castle. Self censorship is like having "your own inner fascist"...
  18. Luckily, there is a woman I work with who is pregnant. She did not have the shot but we both are surrounded by those who have. Thus far she seems fine and while I'm experiencing all kinds of things (I'm going through alot) I'm not super concerned about transmission....only time will tell but I suppose not stressing etc. will do.
  19. Why do you not trust him? Other than the fact that he is now going rampant on the side of the argument that supports the existence of viruses. I'm weary of him too because of that fact but he at least points out the shots are meant to kill and harm...do you think he will come around to the contagion myth? Or what do you think??? I honestly do not know much about him other than the fact that he is one of the outlets I visit often..
  20. I have noticed that people like Carlson and Jones both are emphasizing the lab outbreak. I think it is most likely because chipping away tyranny is a slow and ongoing process when it comes to informing the public. Hopefully, eventually...people will get to the point where they will realize there was not a virus...I mean, imagine someone told you everything you thought and the world around you was happened to be a big fucking lie..(I have been there)..people you thought not only meant well but did well..are now the culprits for poisoning you...So, I am glade you guys are sticking to your guns and emphasizing this aspect. Others are just trying to get those closer to the pond of knowledge I guess...???
  21. Hi, it is me again everyone. I have tried to share information wi th my family about the ridiculous facts surrounding the shot. For some reason my father refuses to hear it and worships (puppet) fauci. I can not keep fighting him on it because it is upsetting...I'm tired of him fighting to reason why he should have it. I still have difficulty accepting that even my own father is this far gone...
  22. So, I know there have been reports of woman suffering irregular and heavy periods. Well as of late since my coworkers took the shot and I had not my periods changed to being lite and painless. I usually have heavy painful cycles so this is nice, but still concerning....
  23. So, I know there have been reports of woman suffering irregular and heavy periods. Well as of late since my coworkers took the shot and I had not my periods changed to being lite and painless. I usually have heavy painful cycles so this is nice, but still concerning....
  24. Fuck facebook...someone should start a new application ... that's a better substitute!!!
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