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  1. I'm am trying to find several books by the author David E. Robinson. One book is Meet Your Strawman and What Ever You Want to Know. If anyone knows where I can find a free version online to read I would greatly appreciate it. My local library will not loan the book out.
  2. Well, I watched an interview with stefan Lanka and andrew kaufman in the Corona committee 90. Wodarg was being an emotional ass hat.
  3. I do not know what ti think. I think we are long past due for a in depth analysis and info on those that pass away with the odd clots. And yes, most likely he is controlled opposition, but to what extent those like him are aware of it is unknown to me. I'm just being patient and watching this shit circus roll on...
  4. I have been waiting to see if they do a more in depth analyses on the unusual clots found in the deceased of those who had a covid injection. So far have not heard a peep about it since Ruby spoke with the whistleblower embalmer.
  5. I think this should be posted here so someone somewhere may see. Today there will be a live premiere of Terrain. I think Icke will be there. Here's the link. https://bit.ly/3B60Gen On a side note, I watched an interview with Stefan and Andy on a video conference with the Corona committee. I have to admit the english translation lagged and was shotty at best. Wodarg did not come up with any reasonable response. Shame. I could tell there was some high strung emotions... the death of all the fake vaxd do fall on those like wodarg. I have a shit ton more to say. But I will leave it at that.
  6. You know...that is pretty dark...I get regular thoughts of anger towards the ignorant...I rather be happy though and not be angry, but I have been putting up with it ...
  7. Does anyone have any videos or readings that discuss why different age groups react differently to the covid injections. I mean all I hear about is heart inflammation in teens..is it higher in teens compared to adults or just more noticeable because parents are watchful of their children but if they themselves have heart problems it does not phase them as much ...?????
  8. Still cant beleive that Australia is really that crazy...
  9. I've seen it first hand..it really is awful..
  10. Definatley not worth taking a vaccine that will cause a life threatening syndrome...
  11. HEY DAVID...they are giving away more than just free donuts...companies like amazon really want their employees poisoned..this is haning after all those who had the shot were told to put the masks back on! This makes me sick and angry...
  12. I was just about to doze off and I over heard a commercial for a vaccine called shingrix...the ad openly claimed Guilliane barre syndrome may result after having the shot...I mean my fucking god..all vaccines will most likely be replaced with this depopulation crap...people need to avoid ALL VACCINES or injections like the plague..whose to say they are not already tainting meds that people are on too..now they are going for it still..
  13. May I just say...I went and volunteered hours observing blood samples under a microscope for diagnosis in a hospital facility (this was before the shot roll out)...now I guarantee since the roll out of these shots that thousands of lab technicians must be seeing this shit happen to the blood and are not saying a peep. Also, if that's the case then I do not know how any patient who had the shot can possibly have a proper diagnosis or care...? I mean damn..a damn shame these lab techs...
  14. That sentence alone has truth, unless the elites arent human! Demons perhaps?
  15. Hmmm... Maybe pulling troops in for 1 administering covid shots and 2 Marshall law to do the same to citizens and what ever else.. Maybe gates and other twats are buying up that farmland being sold... There are solutions..simple ones... Every citizen has to start being more active in their lives to ensure survival..not easy and I swear I may just be typing this so I understand it myself..
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