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  1. Excellent speeches you two! I could feel the energy just watching!
  2. I was wondering the same thing because I think I saw the first awhile back...or something similar to it. But also does anyone think that weekly protests are going to have to turn into daily ? By that I mean shop owners and employers aggreing to not enforce those crazy passes
  3. Claire

    Urgent hmm

    Thank you for sharing that...I guess it must just be my device???
  4. So let's say employers mandate the injection..obviously, people who take it wont be around long and the business will lose its employee base and eventually not exist (bye bye big corporations). Those who did not will be free. So, what is going on to get at the survivors? The depopulation thing at this point is crumbling..
  5. Claire

    Urgent hmm

    Hey Basket Case cannot receive messages and ickes shop isnt functioning...anyone know when the technical things will clear up?
  6. Man I hope that the passports go down the crapper over there..i cant imagine anyone taking that...yall need to pull through!
  7. I think the true path forward is finding out what was happening with the family and medical staff to keep quite..that's more to the point.
  8. Hey, well I'm curious what you mean by fluid? I saw somewhere that DNA is fake..or at least the concept..before I go to far down that rabbit hole I would like some clarity on what you mean. I feel that this is misleading in that while it technically could separate it's not isolating it..I find it pretty hard to beleive that that gloppy cum substance is strictly DNA
  9. Yea, I mean I keep hearing from different places that the game cant be played at such an unfair advantage....but idk theres something about this time that makes me think this is necessary and aweful..a priming perhaps..not sure...i dont like to think about it too often
  10. Claire


    I was thinking about that...but I really trying to avoid creating an environment rich for bacterial growth so close to my face..humid places created by visors on the inside do just that....I just want to not be forced to have bad health and conduct improper use of PPE just to make $...
  11. Claire


    Unfortunately, and it is scary..most of my family will not accept anything else besides what they hear on mainstream news...even though as time has gone on certain things are coming on...anyhow, I felt anxiety pretty much all day the other day ..july is always a problematic or challenging month for me...
  12. Claire


    I'm glade I dont live in lane county of what ever state that is...but I'm sure it's a cookie cutter handout on rules and expectation...honestly reading it offered very little comfort in terms of a solution to better health..it seemingly disregards genuine health risks and concerns with its advisory on coping mechanisms in dealing with the harm caused...
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