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  1. Silence is gold. You wouldn't be shouting F-off. But you do Dale through frustration. They do. Sorry Dale they dont stop. It wouldn't be YOU reacting so there will be nothing on camera. They do need your reactions to self incriminate yourself. Anyway, it's like talking to a brick wall. Sorry, you don't get it bro. He does get it so I am questioning your motives and case. everyone experiences this thing in their own way. but yes it is real.
  2. Dont reptiles have just 2 toes? None of these clones are human.
  3. Blisters, spots and rashes? how many drills have taken place since 2016 by the agencies for a preparedness zombie apocalypse? how many zombie movies etc? just asking. they have to tell us. I do not consent. from 2015????? https://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2015/oct/30/zombie-apocalypse-government-cobra-councils
  4. they can and do direct you to see what they wnt you to see, i.e websites etc.
  5. some supermarkets slogan is ' a bag for (your) life'! I never buy one of those unless its for someone else. you never know what kind of implied consensual contract that you could be agreeing to. their magic words is spooky stuff.
  6. To annihilate humanity and claim that satan is god. The Holy Spirit is waiting for them to make their move then its game over for these demons and their father.
  7. Has you know its not easy to suggest a solution to this as demons and the wicked have no empathy or inclination to agree to what we suggest, they have given up their souls and are going all out for broke. In a make believe world you could wish for the (globalists) to give us a choice of say, australia or/ and new zealand where all of us like minded people could live looking after our children in peace without any interference and let all of them live with each other in the rest of the world! But their reasons would still be the same to attack us by saying there is too many people etc, probably because they have used up their resources through greed so now would want ours. Violence is certainly not the key here also because has you know it would play right into their hands of UN deployed global martial law and believe that will be the end. The day the earth stood still is most definitely the answer as well as arresting all global politicians, corporate heads, ceos and shareholders and monarchies on a global conspiracy charge of aiding and abetting a global genocide directive plan. Those that are innocent to be immediately released. Next suggestion is to bring back the death penalty to go along with the suggested. Last suggestion is for them all to repent and stand down for the ungodly wickedness that they know that they are doing and protecting. The Holy Spirit sees everything!
  8. This is disgusting and an embarrassment just like the controlled riots. This is more like an infiltrated rave not a protest, here they are takin the ps out of humanity. Lovers of themselves, Dancing, drinking and partying and then the end came! I am lost for words and will never attend a protest where the speakers and the nucleus of the so called protesters are agents, demons. A cashless society where no one may buy or sell etc is nothing in comparison to this organised global party. This is their celebration leading to the final act of disclosure of the anti christ.
  9. I would not have thought that anything would be passed around at that heart warming million march as possibly most if not all have not had a vax. And you wont catch anything outside of parliament as they are probably using covid as an excuse to go into hiding, they arnt there. So called leaders all over the world will use that (covid),excuse, to go into hiding from the people as they know what they are doing is insanely wrong. There time is short and they know it. Scurry you rats or resign and stop what you are doing to us all.
  10. I truly agree that this is a scam but i also truly believe that they have unleashed something on the world. I am keeping myself prepared and clean by not mixing and by having an awareness about me that puts me in a position of being able to protect my family and those that need it. I also feel that it could be possible to shed something around that we know nothing of. I am not saying for definite that it happens but something isnt right. There are also 3 huge recent red flags that stand out, wimbedon, wembley and F1 so far that doesnt bode well for us if anything has been unleashed and as you know the media will make a meal of this next week so that lockdown comes back again sooner than we think. i do not consent to anything that they are doing or have planned against us.
  11. I know you mean well but i disagree with that as I where (wear) a mask when I now go into supermarkets. I do this to protect myself and others from those who have been jabbed.
  12. Hi thank you for sharing this and i do not disbelieve anything that you have written. I have seen too much for something like this to scare me I know what they do and how pure evil they are. The Holy Spirit sees everything they do.
  13. So contracts put out to tender in scotland, the north, east, west and the south of the uk; this info was even put on my little facebook page. 5 So come whats in store no it alls? (know)
  14. Clap, clap, clap For the damned for their usual tactics at destroying true news when this article is real and where contracts are being put out to tender all over the uk. I see your tactics of turning this into a joke and ridiculing it then denouncing it hence putting readers off. I hope those that read this see past your tactics and prove that this is actually real and not a joke. Prove me wrong david icke forumers by putting this as an headline story and make this OP post go viral. Why hasnt david icke news picked up on this?
  15. I have been watching all of these gatekeepers for a very long time. They are all different in their delivery which is mainly used so that people sit back possibly in false hope and confusion, to be passive whilst believing something is being done when in reality nothing is and the evil and wicked ones plans are being implemented and coming closer to fruition to their pulling off global depopulation. If someone comes on the scene and speaks the real truth like me they get ganged up on and ridiculed. I truly get blocked and censored everywhere. Do you hand on heart seriously believe that these guys would be given a massive global platform and free reign to expose the evil and most wickedness that is going on when nobody's like me/us get banned when touching on just a tip of the truth? How do I know that they are gatekeepers and aiding the most evil? There is no hiding place for the damned, All you have to do is look into their eyes when watching their videos to see the deceit. And In the name of The Holy Spirit It is also confirmed that they are all destined for hell. Repent your sins and tell the real truth about yours and theirs agenda to receive forgiveness. They are all in it together.
  16. Apparently not just last year, this was posted on my facebook the other day and i freaked out. They said also same for scotland. I am not happy about this planned evil against us. https://www.bidstats.uk/tenders/2021/W23/752550337
  17. ive just seen this after writing my last post after avin a beer! lol, but i do think youve identified all poss culprits.
  18. i wasnt going to reply cos your obviously (here for a laff), but i say demons, witches, warlocks and yes so called ghosts could all be one of the same entity. However i am not discounting military technology either. just imagine with the high tech they obviously have, that the film you saw named "the predator" could actually be the real truth!. in other words the demons etc., have been released through portals like cern, cloaked and uncloaked with the ability to direct comments and opinions on sites like this... oh and yes! they have free reign to attack the vaccinated who consent to the manipulation of their God given dna which has dehumanised them, making them sub human and on the same level as a corporation or demon.. Who has noticed a change all over the world since cern and the swiss tunnel? they showed us. I do not need drugs to see what i see.
  19. I have not filled a census in ( purposely (a) and not (my) census form. I have a main reason for not filling it in which has now been joined by another reason. 1. main reason is because my brother in 1971 was killed by this scum person who i outed on facebook last year. a few months after, I joined an ancestry site only to have a message waiting for me which asked ' do i want to return contact to the person who has been searching for me under my name?. Basically this piece of shit has been trying to find out where i live through census records! 2. census keep on knocking on my door and shoving leaflets through, then they have been knocking on my neighbour's doors asking where i am ffs? and then proceed to tell them that i have not filled in a census form? wtf! no data protection there then!. now my closest neighbour is asking me, why havent i filled in a census form? and why dont i if i havnt got anything to hide. now i feel like a fkin criminal all because i want a peaceful life and want nothing to do with an agenda that has destroyed our world for ever. I will not and do not consent to anything they do or have planned. just keep the fk away from me and my family.
  20. through concrete walls! this is the post on why exactly i need lead put back in my paint.
  21. tbh I am replying to each post has i am reading the comments from beginning to end. i have replied to this person just before you in turn. i too know when things or someone/thing isnt right! Am I right or wrong?, but are some forum members turning innocent posts on here evil? by seemingly glorifying the very dark and evil side that we are opposing, by replying and twisting comments all posts that are close to their agenda and taking joy by hiding the real plan by manipulating and turning these posts into something completely different?
  22. sorry if this offends you because i do not mean to be rude or insult you, but all of what you have said is absolute bullshit and could only be told by a witch,warlock or demon, very clever in how you portray the frauds to be others.
  23. that is 100% true. before making certain claims make sure that you have unequivocal video evidence to back you up.
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