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  1. I have not filled a census in ( purposely (a) and not (my) census form. I have a main reason for not filling it in which has now been joined by another reason. 1. main reason is because my brother in 1971 was killed by this scum person who i outed on facebook last year. a few months after, I joined an ancestry site only to have a message waiting for me which asked ' do i want to return contact to the person who has been searching for me under my name?. Basically this piece of shit has been trying to find out where i live through census records! 2. census keep
  2. woah to you that are part of this and choose not to see.
  3. through concrete walls! this is the post on why exactly i need lead put back in my paint.
  4. tbh I am replying to each post has i am reading the comments from beginning to end. i have replied to this person just before you in turn. i too know when things or someone/thing isnt right! Am I right or wrong?, but are some forum members turning innocent posts on here evil? by seemingly glorifying the very dark and evil side that we are opposing, by replying and twisting comments all posts that are close to their agenda and taking joy by hiding the real plan by manipulating and turning these posts into something completely different?
  5. sorry if this offends you because i do not mean to be rude or insult you, but all of what you have said is absolute bullshit and could only be told by a witch,warlock or demon, very clever in how you portray the frauds to be others.
  6. that is 100% true. before making certain claims make sure that you have unequivocal video evidence to back you up.
  7. i can see what you are saying and i believe it. my initials are rv and they put everything rv including on car registrations in my face. rv also translates as hurrircane harvey or anything rv (Harvey). i have seen so much like most of us.
  8. blessed is our our holy spirit the good lord jesus christ our redeemer. if you can see then you know. most of this is just wow mate.
  9. I actually saw what you did there!. not one comment on the £20 note lol. someone pointed this out last year yet no one can see it or talk about it.
  10. Maybe he died in 2019 who knows? I find it very sad indeed if prince phillip actually said that he wants to come back as a virus to lower human population, because when he is dead why would he care? Until i hear him saying that, i will not believe that he said it. But But But wtf, when you hold up the £20 note to the light the crown turns into the covid symbol! I really cannot get my head around that.
  11. no sorry i dont as yet have a link to my eyes and what i see and what some others are saying.
  12. So true about the past, and will be driven out again only if or when the masses stand up and take down all of their towers and techno eyes. we see but they do not.
  13. the song surely must be named " spanish flu 1918"
  14. no cos i heard that they are still putting in place and building the camps everywhere all over the uk and that they all are complicit knowingly or unknowingly.
  15. i feel what you are saying. but no matter what we say or discuss will have a bearing on their planned outcome. Their plans remain unaltered and remain in place, unless however their is a global stand taking place. That sadly isnt and maybe will not ever happen because they are getting away with too much in our faces already without a whimper. But, i still have faith in the timing of the holy spirit.
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