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  1. I read quite a lot of the link you posted. It's as if it had been written in the future referring for e.g. " By 2022 new projections showed a significant slowing in the rise of atmospheric carbon levels" and "By 2028, despite ongoing efforts to guide “smart growth,” it was becoming clear that the world could not support such rapid growth forever" although this could have been the scenario narratives or guessing how it will be. 

  2. This video is about Jehovah's Witnesses waking up from the religion to start with. The man being interviewed is David Croeni. Very interesting man. 30 years of research (like David Icke) with a lot of similar information that David Icke gives. Well worth a watch about what is going on in the world at the moment. Would like to hear your views.



  3. The majority of the people have allowed them to lock them up, prevent easy breathing, vaccinating god knows what into them, stop them seeing their loved ones, destroy their businesses, the list is endless. Surely they won't allow this? Will they? I mean block out the sun? The sun gives life to everything. The man is a mental psychopath 😱

    It is truly like a horror film...

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