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  1. Thank you. Using your above two links, I found a mixed bag of Videos on Bitchute and needed to sift through them for the Dot-Connector Videos. Are these available on davidicke.com and where are they filed and in what categories? Some day old videos, including and other than Dot-Connector ones, seem to disappear from the 'new, popular and featured categories' with no indication of previous pages, to look into. I guess I want to understand how to navigate within this site. T. Y.
  2. Hello, I am new on this website and am having difficulty finding videos or articles unless I know the exact title-words. I know it must be me as I am not too PC literate. Please inform how I would find the Dot Connector materials in one place. Also, are the linked materials found via their individual websites or are they stored on davidicke.com. You are providing an amazing volume of new material and I seem to lose that which I was reading the day before. Thank you, Borealis
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