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  1. On 11/29/2020 at 4:52 PM, steven geldenhuys said:

    nope. we are at the bottom of the food chain here in Hell. saw these fuckers every night in my sleep state. fill myself with the only true love that is here, which is the love within the animals. my saving grace was this love and seeing my attackers and possessors. many have fallen before me. i was lucky. i became immune to their poison. 

    will reach the source, as this is what we all are.


    thanks for the reply. all the best, steven

    I think You are very right. I'm  only all the time afraid , I'm scared that these beasts invoke us make us born again and again on this earth. I'm very afraid that it won't finish, that after my death I will be born again on this planet not to go to heaven or other place but to be food of pain , fear again. I'm glad what you wrote.

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