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  1. hey guys, i recently joined various sites for reactions to the vaccine, within the past 24 hours, and i check regular, there seems to be alot of stomach gut issues occuring, just wondering about the science of it all, and what anyone has to say on it, cheers x
  2. You absolute superstar!! I couldn't see it anywhere, thankyou so so much you have made my day!! haha! x
  3. Hi metak88, unfortuntely I cannot recall anything bar its content mostly, and it was im sure uploaded to the website though. It was a guy who had a christams dinner with his family and his wife, all seemed to be professionals in there given fields, and the basic point was that DNA makes RNA in our own bodys functioning, but this vaccine did the exact opposite, so rna comes from dna, but rna never goes back into the dna, which is essentially what the vaccine did. I recall it was about the center of biology or genetics or something, but basically that fact has never been disputed in genetics/dna
  4. Thankyou BC :) only just seen you moved this x
  5. Hi lovely people I really hope you can help me, I have looked through the old videos on this site and for no amount of effort can i find what i am looking for! The video was one guy discussing a meal he had with his family and a covid conversation which ensued. He explained quite clearly about something which isnt called this! But hopefully someone will know what i mean, about the center of biological understanding or something like that, the video explained that the vaccine there using, does the complete opposite in terms of RNA than what out body naturally does, saying that it goes against g
  6. no idea whatever lol and thanks for the welcome x
  7. Im a new member to the forum but a long time follower of the beautiful david icke, So just a quick hello, glad to be around like minded without the risk of arrest! been to a few protests in london, times are tricky right now, so to calm myself i write poetry, so fuck it, heres a share, about current situations x I thought I needed to take something, Build on it, (your notice as this poem goes on i dont do grammar and etiquette and shit!) i needed cement emotions and memorys of bricks, rising higher in the matrix, blue blood, red brain, fickle as such this shit i
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