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  1. Speaking out takes courage by the bucketload. I have nothing but respect for anyone who does and firmly believe in the need to protect those who feel they have to 'break ranks' to do so. As GO said, People, nurses or otherwise, should be free to speak their truth and here, if anywhere, your experience will be listened to. UC
  2. Yeah, read it through and unfortunately I can't see it myself. It's badly written in a sloppy prose style, but I don't think they're calling her a him, or he a she (on this occasion )
  3. It's definitely a strange one and one that's far from explained adequately by any of the popular theories. They were fearful of something, whether seen or unseen. Here's quite a good discussion on the incident:
  4. I agree, both Boscastle and Jamaica Inn are actually entertaining places. As for the psychopath jamboree, honestly, it makes me feel uneasy at best. It's a nasty thought knowing that they've earmarked Cornwall as their summertime testing ground. The new Bohemian Grove
  5. They may take our witches, but they can keep their fingers off our lobsters!
  6. Maybe their flights into RAF St Mawgan will be a bumpy one!
  7. Thanks Grumpy Owl Yes, there are now - the censorship has ended. When I caught word of it about 19.30 yesterday evening every website (Falmouth Packet, Cornwall Live, plus several nationals including the guardian) were showing various cannot be found, or article no longer exists messages. I found it curious that my own ickle wabbit hole was blocked up.
  8. This is the view I got immediately ad the 'news' broke
  9. Hi everyone So, the 2021 G7 'summit' will be hosted in Cornwall. World 'leaders' plus security (likely armed), media, police (definitely armed), in addition to staff, drivers etc. are going to descend on a tiny part of a smallish county, population wise, for several days before the likely end of a plandemic... As it was announced, there was an almost immediate media blackout. Add to that the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall police is now quoted as saying they've been "...planning for [the summit] for several months". Any thoughts?
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