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  1. Hi, this is Liam Silver from Canada. There is a new study put together by CDC researchers and published in the Journal of the America Medical Association. This study purports to confirm the “fact” of asymptomatic transmission of Sars Cov2. The study employs verificationist computer modelling in order to produce a conclusion that will be used to revitalize the narrative upon which much of the ongoing nonsense is predicated. If you’d like to see two evolutionary biologists tear the study apart and expose it’s unscientific methodology, check out The Darkhorse Podcast (episode 63, the analysis of this study starts at aprox 32 mins in). The aforementioned biologists do not talk about Cov being a coordinated hoax, but they do call out bad science when they see it. Watch out for this study being parroted by corporate media in order to bolster the narrative.
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