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  1. The crucifix is an evil symbol. If you had a son who was stabbed or shot and murdered, would you wear a gold chain with a knife or a gun as an adornment to celebrate his murder? (Obviously in this pc world I feel compelled to add also if it was a daughter )
  2. Hi David Most days for the last 30 years I have been sniggered at and laughed off as a mad man. I’d like to talk to someone about a jigsaw I can see off the record for now, it’s to do with your research and ancient aliens, religion and my general view and what I can see. It could shake the world to its foundations or it can be laughed off as a mad man. God has given me the courage to reach out and defy religion, if you can help or entertain my views when you have time then it’s gods will and a higher purpose can possibly be found for mankind, maybe ?
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