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  1. People who say that they knew people that died there are liars. In my opinion. I have read Richards book.
  2. It has now been removed for violating Youtube's terms of service.
  3. Communism/Fascism, there is no difference in the end, they are both totalitarian governments with the same outcome. Total control of everything in your life. One is no different from the other really.
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    A big hello.

    Hi there to all, My name is Jeff, and I live in New Zealand. I started awakening around three or four years ago, I am 62 now. I discovered Richard D Hall's Youtube channel and started watching his investigations into various topics, the first was his Madeline McCann documentary, which blew my mind really. I started studying. I decided to get rid of my TV. I became aware that something was not right with what was being presented to me via mainstream media and TV in general. I had never before doubted that what I saw on the 'news' was not true. To cut a long story short, I had heard of David Icke on the Net, and I saw some stuff that suggested he was a nutcase of sorts, and the talk of reptilians challenged my perception of reality shall we say. Last year I bought his book The Answer, it blew my mind, after that I got The Trigger, and now I have Everything You Need To Know... on order. I have subscribed to Ickonic as well. I just want to say a big 'thank you David' for opening my eyes to the true reality of the world we live in (I am aware he does not have much to do with the forum but I just wanted to say that). Nice to be here with like minded people who value freedom of expression and the sharing of ideas and opinions, and opening minds to truth. Jeff
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