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  1. Actually it gets your bowels moving because body instantly realizes its a poison and tries to flush it out of a body asap. Look up some documentaries about what caffeine really does to mind and body
  2. Cant agree with you. U ever tried fasting? See how ur body heals and how much energy u will have. I believe contrary. Food should not be pleasure but necessity
  3. The problem with caffeine is that it activates fight and flight reflex, therefore keeps you in low IQ state and body takes 14 days to flush all caffeine from the body, therefore people who daily intake caffeine are in lower IQ state even though they do not perceive it that way. also plants that have caffeine in themselves use it to kill invasive plants around them, using it as pesticides. Look up videos when pesticide guy put bugs into a drop of coffee. Kills instantly
  4. Hi. Im wondering what David has to say about coffee as I have seen him mentioning coffee positively few times. i cant believe this man is not aware of caffeine being total controlled poison for body. Thats why Bill gates saved starbucks back in the day and why u see coffee in almost every hollywood movie. U even kill bugs in a minute with coffee
  5. Ok, but how blind decodes a wall in a distance if he cant hear it, touch or smell it. I mean If he doesnt decode waveform of a wall in a place he has never been before, shouldnt he be able to walk through the wall as he didt decode and therefore ,,create,, in his mind? A thought creates a matter
  6. Ok, so Im reading his new book the answer at which he talks about ,,reality,, or waveforms are processed and made up into ,,physical,, world we decode by observator’s brain. If we dont look, we dont decode waveform into what we see, feel etc. but what about blind people who have never seen a thing in their life, how can they decode waveforms into physical reality? Lets say they still decode physical structures, If blind human walks into a wall, they feel pain, although they cant see it. Does it mean they decode this reality through a body-mind sense of touch, smell and hearing? if u read the book, you know what Im talking about
  7. I dont believe mainstream science and medics either. Thats why Im asking on Davids Icke forum, hoping someone might have figured it out of his lectures, something I missed out. But thanks for your input
  8. I havent seen anyone sneezing either, that doesnt mean my uncle is not on air support in hospital right now cause he cant breathe and his wife as well. And no, they didnt have any prior long term diseases or were in poor health. Im not saying its covid, cause I dont believe in it. But Im looking for constructive opinion and theory from someone that has digged into this for a bit and may offer explanation
  9. Well that doesnt really explain why there is such an increase in respiratory problems since the hoax started, compared to last decades. These viruses have always been here, so why now? There must be another cause
  10. Hi guys, I love David and have been listening to him for a long time over several years. I do believe covid is hoax, but I am dealing with something. We all know flue ,,disappeared,, and was resignated to covid mostly. Nevertheless, my father has been paramedic for all his life, almost 35 years, he doesnt believe in pandemic either, BUT, there are lots of people dying in his hands of RESPIRATORY problems. He said he never saw this before with flue or anything else in his life. I need to solve this piece of puzzle. We live in Jesenik, small mountainous town in Czech Republic with no 5G towers. So how would you guys, or you David (I know you dont come here hah) would explain an enourmous increase in respiratory problems since covid started If its complete hoax and no 5g towers in my town? Lots of people are on air support and not able to breathe by themselves. Lots of them die. Now thats my father telling me this. And he has no agenda. Its his first hand experience. I need to get it straight in my head to stand firm my ground of belief. thank you everyone!!
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