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  1. Well, I'm very glad to finally have someone to talk to (even though it is online). Since March, I haven't been inside a store. I try to order from web shops, but my options are very limited since I don't live in a big city. If we had medical exemption, here in Belgium, or if mask wearing was only a guideline, I wouldn't care much about social pressure and just go everywhere without a mask. But, in Belgium, it was made into a law ... I've also decided to not talk about 'it' anymore to the family. It's just too painful for both parties and it doesn't serve an
  2. Siska


    I have this vague belief that when I die, I will return to some kind of prescient energy cloud floating amidst the stars. And that while I'm on earth, I'm connected to it. From reading David's books, I know he holds the belief that we are all one. More and more often, I have been wondering how it can be that we are all parts of the same thing. Why would people choose to incarnate as evil ? As conformist, looking up to authority ? As just plain stupid ? I really don't understand it anymore ...
  3. @wmania : I agree with the saying that 'energy flows where attention goes' ... but I find it impossible to apply in my life as it is now. This Covid Thing is imposing itself on every aspect of my life. I can't not pay attention to it. I can't go on the bus without a mask. I can't go and get groceries without a mask. I can't walk around in the city center without a mask. I can't see a doctor without a mask. It's all been written into law (Belgium) and any law-breaking results in a fine that I can't afford to get. I find it increasingly hard to 'get on' with my life. My mind
  4. I feel completely isolated. My mom told me yesterday, very matter of fact, that she and my dad (75 and 80) are going to get the vaccin in March, and that the families of my brother and sister are also going to get vaccinated as soon as they are allowed to. Despite of the information I gave them. Despite of the fact that I used to work as a molecular biologist. They simply refuse to even consider any information that does not come through the mainstream media (they also find it amusing that 'Crook Trump was thrown off social media' - they just cannot see what it means for us).
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