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  1. I actually agree with much of what you are saying and I am totally against any big pharma going about things the wrong way. There are many vaccines that are currently in development / testing in a whole variety of regulatory regimes. To describe them as THE vaccine, dilutes that. I agree that risks are not discussed as widely as they could be, but we have the tools at our disposal to investigate this ourselves, as everyone has no doubt done who is reading this. My own personal choice is to try and investigate as much as I ca n and I have no issues with those who do the same, but reach different conclusions. I am here to try and learn more about some of those.
  2. Thank you! I have read quite a lot... although not all. As I said....I am currently not agreeing with the "general" train of thought.
  3. I use no Bible. Herbal medication is indeed very safe, unless you take too much of some or too much of anything that has not been properly tested.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I joined as I welcome informed debate. I have been working throughout and proud to say that my company has not furloughed a single employee.
  5. As far as I am aware, no vaccine is totally safe. No medication is totally safe, no supplement is totally safe. Very few things are totally safe. There is no proof that Covid is man made. There are lots of theories of course. I am happy to be convinced though
  6. Hi all. I am going to be honest right from the get go and say that I don't agree with the general train of thought on here. Happy to debate though as that's what is important to me. Informed debate
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