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  1. They did test him and said he was covid 19 positive. Of course you're entitled to your opinion to not believe the NHS but when you're effed up and on the brink of death - you're pretty much at their mercy and take their word for it.
  2. Well I'm no doctor or work for the nhs, he had the exact described symptoms of covid 19 (high temperature, continuous cough, no sense of taste/smell and could hardly breath)
  3. Well having witnessed a perfectly healthy family member get covid and fight for his life in hospital, I wouldn't say its fake but you can believe what you want. It could be a load of bull on the new even deadlier variant - I don't know, guess we will have to wait and see.
  4. I hope its just a load of BS, but a rumour from a source I don't want to disclose is stating that roughly a week from now there's going to be a deadly variant of covid that'll kill large parts of the world population. Vaccines won't stop it - I'm not fear mongering just telling you what I've heard. Be careful out there.
  5. Those b**tards up to their old tory tricks again, bribes, corruption and multi million contracts to their chums. Just the tip of the iceberg to the amount waste and laundering of our tax money going into their pockets.
  6. Johnson and Johnson just announced the vaccine tests were only effective in the USA... Basically its doesn't work!
  7. I've met people from Iceland they are generally very weird, rather sheepish and never sceptical of anything. Not somewhere I'd want to go anyway, the country seems haunted with ghosts
  8. Hard part of this is trying to persuade close family not to have the vaccine. You tell them of the dangers but when you get replies with - "they've already poisoned us with GM food, fluoride in water and many more - the damage is already done" In a way they are right, they've taken steps to shorten our lifespans and bring illnesses but one feels you still want to fight & resist against them killing you off even faster!
  9. With the CEO of Moderna "Virus to stay with the world forever" statement - looks like they want to keep this covid thing for the long term. We can all agree their aims are de- population. I know a few people who had the vaccine, no bad symptoms reported yet but time will tell.
  10. Well that's certainly possible once the majority are vaccinated - we're pretty much at their disposal. There's been vaccines in the past and those seem to be having the effect of shorter life spans (if you look at the stats of people born after the 1970s) Well I made a prediction that people would be fighting back and not just be taking it like sheep, civil war looks like its starting in Holland!
  11. Possibly but they have said they'll keep it low until the pandemic threat goes.
  12. Scientists try to explain it as hallucinations or semi dream states. But as you said, if people all over the world are explaining the same things and processes involved (even seeing the same entities being described) then you have to think this definitely isn't science. My gut feeling is the "evil spirit/night demon/inncubbus" explanation. They feed on fear and they can home in on fear like a mosquito does to blood. It doesn't happen to me anymore as I don't fear them anymore. I remember even laughing at its face in one episode, it looked startled and just left. Also some of them have the ability to shape shift. To some readers it's probably a bad dream or hallucination, of course that's another way of seeing it and everyone's entitled to their opinion.
  13. Yes it seems the buzzing/ringing is the start of the process that gets you paralysed. Once you're paralysed you can only open your eyes, it definitely doesn't feel semi conscious but fully awake! It not only happened in bed, but on a couch whilst resting/nodding off. There have been a few occasions, I've managed to move a finger and then an arm to grab the "entity or hallucination" but it took tremendous will power and physical effort.
  14. Oh and answering the original question, if any want to try the sleep paralysis/to trigger it without being a zeng taoist master (*I warn you though*) This is from the evil spirit/satanic stance explanation of sleep paralysis. Few steps: *Don't have a shower or bath before you go to bed or change the sheets (as evil spirits don't like cleanliness) *Sleep on your back face up *First think about the very thing you fear most, try to get yourself emotionally worked up *Then put your focus on the devil, keep on thinking about satan/evil spirits and call out to them (without speaking but through your mind) *Be dead serious and believe that something is coming *Try to sleep, keeping the same position of face up and lying on back (as it won't work fully conscious) *No noise, music or Tv on, has to be dark with the household asleep Do the above and you'll have a 60% chance of getting into a sleep paralysis and seeing/experiencing something not pleasant! (a virtual reality horror movie show to put it bluntly) But if you laugh it off and don't believe it - it won't happen. I advise the people that believe in this stuff, not to try it though..
  15. @Mr H looks like it, so the bubble will go on for a few years then but watch out when they decide to pull the rug! It's knowing when that will happen is the million dollar question, I guess you have to be on your guard regarding your finances even more..
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