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  1. Thanks for the informative reply, though I won't be able to make that movement. Are you familiar with anything similar in the US?
  2. Is there anything like this being done in the US? I am unable to get a passport for at least a couple years, let alone by February. Granted, I could probably find illicit transportation, but also wouldn't be able to raise the funds so quickly. I think I should focus on targets closer to home.
  3. Are there any organized groups doing anything about all this? Simply spreading awareness and living a good, noncomplying life is not enough for me, I wish to do more, yet I can't go about such a huge task alone. We need a large organized front to accomplish more significant change, or at least a small one skilled enough to infiltrate positions of power. Even if we repeatedly fail, it feels like an obligation to at least try, as we are the few that actually knows what's going on.
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