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  1. It will be a real alien invasion, something big is coming….
  2. England will fail….as they always do….
  3. I think they built the pyramids
  4. The moon is already taken…that’s why we haven’t been back there.
  5. Neptune the planet is alive, but its to cold to support life on the surface
  6. Thousands of people watch rockets and space shuttles take off live… and this clown thinks it’s fake…..
  7. He has no idea, what he is talking about….and neither do you
  8. The space shuttles went into space…the general public saw it live… 2 shuttles have exploded… NASA blurs photos… Maybe one day, you will wake up….
  9. How the fuck…is this creepy guy president…..
  10. Time has gotten quicker…there is no doubt about it
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