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  1. It won’t be a fake invasion….it will be real…and we will be fucked
  2. All the music artists are devil worshipers, so you won’t hear a word from them….
  3. People are too busy, trying to just keep a roof over their heads....everyone is in debt
  4. TheDoctor


    When food supplies start to run low in first world countries....then we will see how far brotherly love goes....
  5. The 60’s are gone.....protest songs don’t exist, because no one takes these modern musos serious anymore
  6. Remember when he hit the women and child, in the car accident, and he showed no remorse....
  7. Most people are just trying to survive
  8. The left want total control over everything....
  9. She is a UN fraud
  10. Space is real, the government would not give nasa billions of dollars, if there was no space
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