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  1. What I mean by that is their is no other president who has brought into power more procedural tasks than him before. That's why the children of America stood up against subversion
  2. This topic is pretty controversial, he will be and will always be the greatest president!
  3. Why cant i comment on your reply


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    2. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      The forum is busier during the European day time. 

      Plenty to talk about and plenty of member to interact with and debate. 

      If you want to arse around then there's the entertainment section of the forum. 

      I am no Morpheus. 

      Just another member like all the other members. 

      Just that I was asked to help keep this place on track and peaceful so people can come and easily find the information that they need. 

      There's a global information war going on. 

      Promote and help the forum or hold it back.. 

      Choose your side. 

      You asked me what I was serious about. 



    3. Justguessing


      I thank you for your sincerity 

    4. Basket Case
  4. Good evening / Good Morning my fellow doubters. Yes I have been tested thankfully I am negative, although that doesn't really matter does it! We are being driven under a constant a unforgiving system of bullshit, by that I mean at what point in time has the media had such a grip unto society to deliver their prowess and uphold there rhetoric. We are not animals, human beings cannot be kept in a zoo. It is the wholly inadequate NHS that has landed us in this mess. There is a long line of questioning that needs to be taken place, I have an extensive famil
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