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  1. Only yesterday I read that some teachers and unions are AGAINST the idea of unmasking school children. How fucked up is that?
  2. A lot of people on this thread believe the vaccines are designed to kill the population. Personally I think it's all part of linking us to some fucked up A.I. With fewer and fewer jobs, and a greater dependency on universal credit, payback will be via using our 5G connected brains as computer processors to data mine.
  3. Thanks, yes that makes sense. I feel right right now a lot hinges on what percentage of under 40s will get vaccinated, because right now in the uk, we dont have the data, because the Nhs/Government have been focusing on the older demographic. Personally I think the take up is going to be depressingly high amongst the younger generations, but I hope to God I'm wrong.
  4. I have no doubt that this Covid 19 pandemic is fake, reliant on a totally inappropriate RT-PCR test, promoted by numerous brainless system servers and designed to push humanity into some fucked up dark future. However something right now is confusing me. Regarding the UK at least, If the number of cases and deaths can be controlled by changing the RT-PCR cycle threshold, then why was it changed right NOW to produce less cases and deaths? At a point when only half the adult population have been vaccinated, do the psycho Elite not risk the non vaccinated adult population deciding NOT to be
  5. Wishful thinking I suspect. And even if it was true, that only the unvaccinated survived, I would rather die than be a survivor and still enslaved by the global control freaks.
  6. Whilst the mainstream media has many people thinking everyone in India is dying from Covid heres my take on what's REALLY happening 10 million people die every year in India, which equates to approximately 28000 deaths per day. India has recently cranked up its pcr testing...approximately 300000 cases detected every day. However the Pcr test is about as reliable a method of detecting a new virus as is tossing a coin. Therefore if you are going to falsely detect 300000 cases of Covid per day and on average 28000 people in India die every day, wouldnt it be easy to imply that thousands are d
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56625307 Vaccination passports happening in UK in 11 days time
  8. Wetiko. Paul levy writes about it.
  9. Wetiko MIND virus https://www.kosmosjournal.org/kj_article/covid-19-is-a-a-symbol-of-a-much-deeper-infection-the-wetiko-mind-virus/
  10. Personally I dont believe the aim of the vaccinactions is to kill people quickly. I expect it's a stepping stone to a lifetime of vaccinations, each more sinister to the point where eventually everyone is connected to the A.I. which uploads negative emotionally states. The goal being the human race pumped with fear, directly into the brain, forever. Maybe 2030 is the date hell goes live.
  11. Many of you appear to be wandering how on Earth so many people are blindly believing the official narrative and are literally gagging to be vaccinated. Heres a little story that may help get into the mindset of some people. I once asked a girl 'What do you think happens when you die?', and she replied, 'I've never really thought about it.'
  12. Maybe read this, print it out, and send it to your employer? It's a detailed letter, written by an alliance of lawyers, explaining the risks if employers try going down the route of either trying to force employees to be vaccinated, or discriminating against those who choose not to be. From the UkColumn website. https://bit.ly/36DA6eq
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