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  1. Hi, I purchased 4 tickets for Icke's event tonight in Chatham but I still do not know where the event is being held. Anyone know what the procedure is regarding revealing the location of the event? Thanks.
  2. Similar thing happened to me several years ago. The alien vocal sounds become more apparent three minutes into the song -
  3. Growing Populism and the Uk leaving the E.U. I suspect Covid was a reaction against these and similar forms of global resistence.
  4. Recently I got into an argument with my parents while discussing Covid and me calling out the pandemic as a scam. My stepdad made two 'interesting' comments. First he said I think too much. And secondly when he claimed everything was nearly back to normal, I used travelling as an example where it's far from normal, pointing out the extortionate costs of pcr tests and self isolation hotel costs. His response to that was a sneer and 'People should get better paid jobs'. And when I suggested to my mum not to get a booster jab, all hell broke loose and accusations that such advice was putting her at risk.
  5. Lol Icke's made the front page of the Daily Star today
  6. From the BBC today..... Sage telling us to expect a fourth wave this winter. Other respiratory viruses will mean a 'miserable winter' for UK - Sage member Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images An emergence of new respiratory diseases other than coronavirus means a "pretty miserable winter" is ahead for the UK, a scientist has warned. Professor Calum Semple, member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which advises the Government, has said that children and elderly people will be vulnerable to endemic viruses at the end of the year. He told Times Radio: "I suspect we'll have a pretty miserable winter because the other respiratory viruses are going to come back and bite us quite hard. But after that, I think we'll be seeing business as normal next year. "There's a sting in the tail after every pandemic, because social distancing will have reduced exposure, particularly of pregnant women and their newborn babies, they will have not been exposed to the usual endemic respiratory viruses. He says we will see a rise in a disease called bronchiolitis, community acquired pneumonia in children and the frail elderly as well as other respiratory viruses for which we don't have vaccines. "So that's why we're predicting a rough July, August and then a rough winter period," he says. Professor Semple called it the "fourth wave winter" but added it would be much milder than the previous ones.
  7. I've worked as a temp in an Amazon fulfillment centre for the last 18 months and Covid has transformed the place. Management are obsessed with social distancing measures and masks. Personally I imagine Amazon will keep the masks permanent. Some people fucking love them. Amazon offer weekly Covid tests though I've declined from the offset being honest and telling people I feel the whole pandemic is bullshit and getting tested is perpetuating the madness. Obviously now everyone being encouraged to get vaccinated and again I'll be saying no thanks. I'm more than prepared to quit my job to uphold my principles on this issue.
  8. These were the stats displayed on the BBC site at the end of May, but I imagine the UK Governmemt have bought more since then because they are so fucking obsessed. Absolutely ridiculous. Criminal. Insane. Weird as fuck.
  9. The UK Government has actually requested a grand total of over half a BILLION vaccine doses from at least 6 manufacturers now. I kid you not.
  10. Small steps. Get the slaves introduced to a lifetime of vaccinations designed to turn them into energy sources and mind hubs for data mining.
  11. Only yesterday I read that some teachers and unions are AGAINST the idea of unmasking school children. How fucked up is that?
  12. A lot of people on this thread believe the vaccines are designed to kill the population. Personally I think it's all part of linking us to some fucked up A.I. With fewer and fewer jobs, and a greater dependency on universal credit, payback will be via using our 5G connected brains as computer processors to data mine.
  13. Thanks, yes that makes sense. I feel right right now a lot hinges on what percentage of under 40s will get vaccinated, because right now in the uk, we dont have the data, because the Nhs/Government have been focusing on the older demographic. Personally I think the take up is going to be depressingly high amongst the younger generations, but I hope to God I'm wrong.
  14. I have no doubt that this Covid 19 pandemic is fake, reliant on a totally inappropriate RT-PCR test, promoted by numerous brainless system servers and designed to push humanity into some fucked up dark future. However something right now is confusing me. Regarding the UK at least, If the number of cases and deaths can be controlled by changing the RT-PCR cycle threshold, then why was it changed right NOW to produce less cases and deaths? At a point when only half the adult population have been vaccinated, do the psycho Elite not risk the non vaccinated adult population deciding NOT to be vaccinated since the Covid threat seems minimal right now? Would it not have made more sense to keep the number of cases and deaths HIGH, until the entire adult population had been offered the 'vaccines'? What the fuck are they playing at?
  15. Wishful thinking I suspect. And even if it was true, that only the unvaccinated survived, I would rather die than be a survivor and still enslaved by the global control freaks.
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