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  1. Copied from Paul Levy's facepoop page. Really worth a read - THE CORONAVIRUS AS REVELATION There is a dangerous, invisible and contagious virus that has been insidiously spreading and replicating itself throughout the human species that is re-shaping and potentially destroying human civilization – but it is not the coronavirus. The Native American people have been pointing at that humanity has been afflicted with a mind-virus that they call “wetiko.” Wetiko is a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that is literally at the root of the collective madness—and the resultant evil
  2. Am just saying hi. I've been a huge fan of Icke for thirty years, read most of his books and seen him live three times. I used to be a semi regular contributor to the old forum, but only now created a new account. I do read the forums regularly, particularly since this bullshit pandemic started. Thanks for all the interesting reads on this thread in particular. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute a few things of interest. I'm a staunch Icke believer....so if he says the pandemic is a scam, I believe him, although it's pretty obvious it's a scam without reading Icke, just by looking
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