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  1. Nope. I do it usually in the evening when i get the chance. 1 hour after dawn and 1 hour before dusk are the safe hours for watching. Everything else is highly risky and i don't recommend watching the sun then.
  2. My uncle. There was also a dude in my town who was promoting it. It took me a few months to research and process that information. Once i started it, i fell in love right away and never looked back.
  3. Sungazing is amazing. Literally! I started the practice in 2011 and i still do it when i have the time. That along with earthing(barefoot walking) and 16-8 diet fast is a powerfull combo for overall health.
  4. Hang in there OP. People who are into this stuff are rare. I am in my 30's and i have zero friends, but i do have a girlfriend. Most people are fake, even if a person is a conspiracy theorist it doesn't automatically mean that he/she is real. Nowadays fraud to real is 400 to 1 ratio.
  5. We were taught that stars are stationary massive fire balls or whatever...the mainstream version. I've had some shocking experience from meditation and even sleep deprivation. What i was able to conlude while watching them is that they are not immovable and they are making all kinds of movement - dancing, changing shape(expanding and contracting), changing color, twirling etc.... Even tho i was in a heightend state of conciusness, this is even possible if you focus and watch them for a certain period of time...maybe 10-15 minutes or so. Maybe even less. They are everything but stationary! So what are we dealing with here? Angels? Demons? UFO's? p.s. Everything involging space is either a lie or a half truth at best.
  6. Nope. Good call tho. 80s animated movies were loaded with reptilian symbolism.
  7. There was a show from the 80s which was about lizard people taking over the word and ruling humanity. It was mentioned in that documentary about reptilians called Plausible Point For The Reptilian Case. Somehow they removed that part from the documentary and now i don't what was the name of that show. Thoughts?
  8. This one is a bit hard to swallow because we have been conditioned since birth about their so-called existence. The main reason they fabricated them is to hide the fact that dragons existed. It all comes down to that. If you look at the manuscripts from the middle Ages, you can see a lot of pictorial depictions of dragons. None of them looked like dinosaurs, zilch! The story about the Saint George and the dragon may have been a symbolic representation about humans defending Europe from reptilian takeover.(There are stories even that he existed and actually slew the dragon.) Asia was an easy target, but Europe fell at some point as well...as we see today. They went from overt to covert. Humans would never allow reptilians to rule them if they knew their true form. Today they are convincing us that dragons never existed and that dinosaurs did! Everything is backwards and this time is no different. p.s. Ica stones were proven to be fake.
  9. This documentary came out a few years ago. It's absolutely amazing and a must see.
  10. Maybe it will be like this. We are definetely heading in that direction.
  11. I think the main issue here is that citric acid is processed. All raw fruits are good for you, even the few ones which are acidic like oranges, blueberries, cranberries, peaches, tomatoes etc... Ideal ratio of alkaline to acid should be around 80-20 (or 75-25) in favor of alkaline foods.
  12. Definetely. Foods from this list feed pathogens in our bodies. They should be kept to a minimum.
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