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  1. This interview is on the Planet Lockdown series. Pam Popper operates a business in Ohio, US that helps folks make informed health decisions. She is also an author. Provides health supplements, & classes on living a healthier life.
    In her interview, she speaks very straight forward about the lies of lock down, vaccines, Dr. Fauci, and the terrible effects on the population. All in the "name of saving lives"
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  2. Hello all,

     I'm from western North Carolina, US. Live in a rural area. I have a small home on 3 acres, I share with my dog, Tina.

    Started reading David's books in 2000. Saw him speak in Charlotte,NC. It was a wonderful experience. Didn't get to meet David at that event, but did meet Jim Marrs. Who was also a hero to me. I have many of his books,too.

    When I was talking with Jim, I said to him. "Jim, you gave me so much information, my head is spinning." Jim smiles & said," Well that's good. Now what will you do with it."

    So in the over a decade ago, since that conversation, I've tried to share information with folks. Some get it, most don't. But I don't give up. I just plant little seeds. Little truth bombs. That was some good advice I got from listening to Ian Crane & James Corbett.

    Turned off my TV in 2008. Was on Face Book for about a year. That was just a lot of mess. I think I've been off there since 2011.

    I'm a semi retired industrial construction worker(25 years)  Sad to say I've had a part in building some pretty bad things. But some good ones,too.

    I'm looking forward to reading the posts, and connecting with other folks that are thinking outside the box.

    Hope everyone is having a good day. 



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