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  1. The Antichrist is most likely symbolic, it refers to the state of Mind of an Individual or a group of people who will come at different period of time. In history, there have been many Antichrists aka Dajjals for Muslims. You should checkout Swedenborg's perspective on End-times, Judgement day and the 2nd coming. A lot of what said, makes soo much sense to me. If you haven't heard of him, checkout this video as an introduction.
  2. The Anti Christ aka Dajjal seems more symbolic to me than an actual person who will come during the end of time. I've heard different stories of this anti-christ and some of them look absurd. There are also different depictation of this antichrist/dajjal which seems to indicate that it's not one person, but the state of mind of an individual or a group of people who will come at different period of time. How can a person who's blind from 1 eye, have deformed legs and a mark on his forehead claim to be the Messiah or God on earth and people just blindly follow him? People must be really naive. The Anti-Christ for the Christians is the one who oppose to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Similarly, this Dajjal for Muslims must be the one opposing to God and Muhammad. I did some research on the works of Emannuel Swedenborg who was a scientist and theologian from the 18th century. And based on what he witnessed during his dreams and visions, similar to those nd experience that some people have of the afterlife, he said that the end of times prediction are symbolic. The Bible itself is a book of parables and allegory so we shoudn't assume that all those things written in the book is refering to real future events.
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