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  1. The EU is in alert ( according to the news website mediafax.ro/externe) because a lot of states from EU received offers for vaccines (Astra Zeneca one) from Gulf countries or Brasil , at 15-20 USD / shot. The price is normally 2 / shot. Now they are starting to ignite a new mainstream topic about the fake vaccines from the blackmarket. I can bet my good old Romanian UK resident arse that the wave of deaths among elderly ppls who got jabbed, will be blamed on this so called fake vaccines. https://m.mediafax.ro/coronavirus/riscurile-vaccinurilor-anti-covid-contrafacute-de-pe-piata-neagra-a
  2. Hello there , as Mr Ike said couple of weeks ago, “random” power cuts will occur. This is a text I’ve teceived to ight: “””Power cut alert from UK Power Networks. We're aware of a potential unplanned power cut affecting your area. Our reference is INCD-211491-Z. If your power's off you can keep updated by texting POWER and your postcode to 80876 e.g. Power CM1 4WD (standard text fees apply to 80876, but any texts we send are free). Or via our real time incident map and for information on our privacy policy at http://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/power-cut/map?incidentid=INCD-211491-Z””””
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