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  1. It might be happening as We speak do you think they would invade us with force? Or with some virus/dna changing coctails etc? Why make ur hands dirty when u can get the job done and the cattle wont be even aware of it.
  2. So basically if u get stoped by a cop because u dont wear a mask you can say. 1. I have an astma and i cannot wear this piece of cloth 2. On the article 82 of the constituion i do not have to obey any law that is harming my health (made up article ;D) 3. There are scientific proofs that it doesnt prevent infection and harms my health. With the phone in ur hand recoring , they should allegedly fuck off right? :) I dont know, i think we are honestly not doing enough to support the blinded people that live in this fuckign illusion. We are better than sitting and knowing about
  3. It wouldnt solve anything, tv and media would still be up and running changing the mentality and perception of most of the population. The agenda of the shitheads would still go on at the same paste and it would block the ability for freethinkers to even get the grasp of the idea currently. The internet will never stop existing - unless a CME hits the earth and gets us back to stoneage, even an asteroid would probably not fully destroy the internet thanks to elon musk satelites. If you have time please review the Future Defense Community and have some thoughts on that, that coul
  4. Guys great topic thanks for this information. What can We do to tell the others? What astra zenecka is doing in Poland is unreal, they are literary killing my country men. We have been raided for centuries but this is a new level of getting rid of a nation or reducing it dramatically. How can we warn them? The media is brainwashing them and they do not have another information source, they are mostly dependant on their children/grandchildren to give them some reasonable information regarding this, yet in most cases the edlerly do not listen to the legit information of the teens
  5. could you read and consider the Future Defence Community project? Please share your opinion/questions regarding this amazing project. In my view it can unite all of us, physically it is impossible it has to be done by the use of internet. Would appreciate it. Have a good day guys
  6. Well nobody has responded so far, i will consider myself as a crazy lunatic as people are not willing to even answer to this project and what about joining the community. Good luck with the ackowledging the deception and manipulation, yet what can you really do about it? We can all ackowledge it, but is there a mutual unition point? I will finish the book and try to publish it, to show my kids that I wanted to do something yet nobody was willing to support this brilliant idea and give it a try. Yet by looking at the response of the aware people it is very unlikely normal, i
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Robert and for the past 3 months I have been working on this future changing project that can benefit everybody. I tried to contact many celebrities including Mr. David yet nobody contacted me directly probably assuming I was some whacko crazy guy yet let us get to the point. Researching all the deception, possible disasters, near future changes that are invetible I stumbled upon this incredible idea that could really influence the future of the many. The idea is very simple - Creating a world movement that will adress the following subjects: 1.
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