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    Greta is 18

    I think If you look closely at Greta she actually doesn’t look human! To me she is what I would expect a walk in to look like and also I would say she definitely is not an old soul, she is more like a robot!
  2. I have to ask where do you get some of the information you have written in your reply please, is this something you have made up or is it the truth?
  3. Hi maybe I’m showing my ignorance and if I am but what is the Matrix, I thought it was a film!
  4. Happy Thursday I’m a newbie to the site, looking forward to meeting and talking to new people! To everyone who reads my message stay safe! xx
  5. Well if people have let’s hope it put a smile on their dial! If we where all the same life would be very boring.
  6. Thanks for your reply I was watching crap on tv and someone said they had!
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