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  1. Its important to realise, not all vaccinnes are MRNA, as i understand it OXford and Astro Zeneca, are more traditional in nature
  2. its getting so depressing as i understand, it, the Moderna and Piezer, vacinnes are the experimental MRNA, vaccines, that seem to be killing people, through adverse reactions/other,giving horrible side effects and god knows what down the line. The oxford and astra zeneca are viral vector vaccines and more traditional, but, with 9 months lead time, god knows what, they could cause/intended to as a hidden, side effect the police are a disgrace everyone seems so brainwashed the lockdowns are killing people, and their spirit slowly but surely and they always use, the term CT, Anti Vaxxer It seems quite a weak counter given the numbers of docs, scientists and epidimiologists who are questioning all of it its like we are living in a future sci fi movie or, a 1960s, James Bond film Swabb, certainly would make a great bond villian, he certainly emanates and looks the part he could be Blofelds, long lost brother, just as batshit, too I
  3. What changed with what’s app recently ???
  4. Where did you get this, was it mocked up from the ahem, legality of all this ??
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