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  1. @Fluke, its currently on Sky News, I presume its on itv, bcc and you tube live
  2. veiled threats, about keeping up with the vaccination programme to keep your freedoms, from Mr Javid
  3. so, lets see, in this conference more lockdowns the dirty anti vaxxers are causing the burden, we with great regret may have to make it mandatory passports, look to be a better system for managing this crisis more vigilant enforcement of masks and social distancing we are deeply worried about children; they must all, consider vaccination Marburg may get a a cameo reference I wonder how much will be foundered
  4. only 5 million, its not rolled out everywhere ?, always thought it was abundant in uk water supply ??
  5. that is a rather freaky and most likely point, Jikwan
  6. good to know, and the water, well, there is always the bottled variety, read about the water, years ago and the suggestions of the dangers of fluoride, not sure, how, I fell asleep about that my diet coke, addiction, I stopped 10 years ago resumed, when I got diabetes, aspartame is no good, of course oh man, what a mad mad fucking world
  7. thanks for that, I have read the theory, regarding the graphene oxide, supposedly in the vax, that will react with the radiation, creating, even more suffering, there was no way, I was taking the vaccine, but family despite, my concerns, have all had it; I don't claim to know much regarding the 5g theory, but its getting more transparent every day, globally with regards to the NWO intent rebranded as The Great Reset,despite my intial intution smelling a rat Australia and France, man: its fucking unbelivable, though it's great to see their hard pushback and the global protests are heartening to see
  8. according to that interview, posted a few pages, back, Nick and Mahoney, they seem to allude to the idea that the 5g towers are not yet turned on yet Not sure, if there is a link, though know, how radiation, makes me feel and it aint good,
  9. so is, there any truth to the lateral flow tests doing damage, to the blood brain barrier, i wonder if there are any doctors claiming this is there any back up, regarding the fibres, and the graphene oxide being in the tests ?
  10. will have to look that up if its still on you tube, so they are saying its definitely in the vacinne, claiming its in the LFT, tests, masks too ?
  11. so they claim, the graphene oxide is in both,so the rays can cook us more effectively anyone know of any links that further give weight to these claims , regarding the placing of graphene oxide in masks and LFT ??? wonder if these is any way, to neutralise this stuff, if the claims are true
  12. is there any footage of the march on the 29th, does anyone know?
  13. has anyone, heard anything about, the supposed worms in the LFT tests I have managed to avoid, these so far, thank god, bar one, difficult situation and never want to take one again, but, have heard claims, similiar worms, are in the LFT test ?? still don't know what to make of the worm vids on the facemasks and the doctors, very convincing video and, freaked out interview
  14. oh god, this is, insane, I am losing hope again, I did one LFT, owing to a course, I was attending and did not wish to, I have been harrassed by bus drivers, from ceasing the mask business, and now this, which could be tricky in the future I was heartened by the video, of the march and wanted to go, like last month, but was still doing this course, we are living in a fucked up James Bond Movie of the sixties, fucking psychopaths
  15. and now worms, on the facemasks, too, oh dear, clownworld is getting way too much
  16. although it seems to be going that way, he did not say, point black, it will be made, mandatory for NHS workers, though clearly is circling around the notion what a fucking weasel
  17. I wonder, if that the link to the EU, regarding discrimination, applies to the LFT too, in my field, they are requesting LFT, twice a week, owing to the nature of the work, and the interactions involved
  18. does anyone have a link to this Lyn Buchanan, who remote viewed, future population levels at 2 billion ? I have noticed a few comment on it
  19. The Coronavirus Chronicles Part 1 1 You will find yourself, waking up, one morning to find you are living in a high camp James Bond movie of the sixties, ( but more drab and less day glo colour) and some fucker, called Klaus Swabb, is sitting, in a secret lair under a volcano, stroking a pangolin, talking about zee great reset and how we will eat insects, worship, Aryan space gods and be, a slave of him, Bill Gates(the creepy glassed other eye patch guy) and Nikola Scorpion a dimunitive scot, with leather boots, who keeps shouting, Death Death Death, why, a plum mouthed, blonde , strokes his chin, widly, and scoffs, like a buffoon, with nowhere to go. His little, dwarf, Hancock Aboga, smiles while crying and says, “is it a plane boss” You adjust your vision, thinking this cannot be happening, I am not living in a James Bond movie, as it is too ridiculous and unbelievable when suddenly, the vaccine watch clock ticks down, once more on it’s count, to inject, everyone with love, peace, rainbows and a new world(no underwater utopia, or space based utopia involved here) As you keep thinking, this is all a dream, a operative from Sage Pisstaking Evil Cunts Terrify Ruin Everyone Flips his badge, to reveal his BBC badge. He then gets on mine car one, with hard hat intact and travels the monorail to go report, on more distorted figures involving variants, sub variants, and variants dying to mix it up and be variable 2 As a result of point 1, and the large scale takeover of a virus with a 99% survival rate, those acting under orders of this charming organisation emerge out of secret volcano lairs, around the world, on their monorail trains and start arresting people for jogging, breathing, running business, so they can eat and pay bills to live in pods. When presented with factual information, they resort to arrests, violence and abusing their power( as they failed the army test and spent too much time playing double dragon in their teens) Trying to reason with these highly paid, and until now reasonably respected drones, results in them brandishing their kalishnikovs ala, volcano assault of counterforce ninjas, as though they are purposefully trying to unleash a nuclear weapon, ordered, by their boss, brother Blofeld
  20. well that deagle statement is cheery but very speculative, as they do concede testing kids with a relatively record speed vaccine, seems very fucked up
  21. I remember reading something on this site about deagle a while back, but IIRC, the figures were in dollars/euros, or maybe that is just my faulty memory, does anyone know where this site came from and anymore about it ??? I do remember the claim, a massive reduction in population, was forecast by 2025, which, was 14 million or something, the supposed hide in plain sight, idea,
  22. Vaccinating you’re brain with the nasal swab, mmmmmm, that’s quite a stretch though given the madness who fucking knows anymore
  23. information overload, lately, on several levels, thank you, will have to look into this if I can find the energy,energy very up and down with newly diagnosed diabetes
  24. information overload on several levels lately, thanks for the clarity
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