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  1. Anyone know the name of the fictional film from around 1980 I think that paralells what is happening now, it was a you tube link someone posted a few months back I think and it has a very NWO feel
  2. In the ward I work on as a hca, I have encountered 3 staff who personally regret having the vaccine, I have seen no adverse events personally and want nothing to do with the vaccine bullshit, as I indicated in writing several times when they kept harassing me to take it your tarring a very wide, overtly simplistic brush there on over a million people but carry on, you know best with your self appointed moral superiority
  3. Let’s just say, the culture is very different from what some posters may think and can be extremely crafty i personally have been party to nothing and have always made clear my views on a rushed vaccine very clear by the way and in general anyone know the name of the fictional film from around 1980 that someone posted a you tube link to a while back, that parallels , now in an eerie fashion
  4. just out of interest, do you work for the NHS ?
  5. i thought Peizer, changed it to 75 years, or i may be muddled on that or they wanted it to be 75 my, sister is talking about getting my niece to have it i have sent her links, and hope her stubborness, will be overcome
  6. I dont know if anyone has read Mike Yeardon's damming indictment, and submission to the European Court, of 46 pages but it makes for a great read truly damming I know, given how corrupt the courts are, it may not fly, but it is certainly inspiring to read such a well put together challenge to this psychotic madness
  7. can't link here as it is on smart phone but, just read, on Telegram that apparently, govt are trying to change leglislation, so they can detain, forcibly vaccinate and also losen the mental health act, I guess, so they can section, the dissenters, sorry if duplicated and someone has already posted, but I just read it it seems consistent with emergence of NWO, shitfest in other countries, like Australia, Canada and Austria, the poster, did link to a govt website with the outline more transparent every day
  8. i cant link it here, as it's on phone Telegram but just saw this Mark Sexton, Sam Bailey, and PJ Law have spent six hours at Hammersmith, police station, filing a criminal complaint naming the perpetrators, many in office or at least it alludes to that, calling for immediate withdrawal of vaccinne have a crime number but all the courts are pretty much compromised i think still, they are also citing the blackmail of health care staff before any naysayer chips in, I am not saying, this will nessecarily achieve anything, given its a global plan, by the puppet masters, but just sharing it out there
  9. @Nobby Noboddya little cryptic I don't love the beast, I am just stating both worst case scenarios WTF
  10. @ captin, love, thanks mate god knows, how things will go but I am not holding my breath I enjoyed my job, one of the few things, I value but these cunts, seem pretty hellbent on forcing it on everyone, if I took it, I would spend the rest of my life( if I survive it) probably having long term health problems and living with a sense of powerless and unending resentment,that I gave them the power to do this If I dont, take it, I may well lose, my job and the flat I rent, and end up back at my parents, which as much as I love them, is obviously not something I desire whether in this climate, I can honestly get another job for the same kinda money is very unknowable but they will have to sack me first, then I can at least challenge that
  11. well I have fired off the first, line in the sand email, theoretically facing the sack by April, but, am going to be taking legal advice and speaking to occ health, given a pre-exisiting health condition which may give me something to play with but given the climate, that is hard to say for certain, though it is blood clot related but the cunts at the top don't care obviously but I am not taking that vaccine almost fell out with my sister today again, she is a pretty much lost to the covidian cult, parents, pretty much too, they are all vaxed
  12. @ Captin Love, that is debatable the virologist, who fled to the states claimed, they had taken Sars Cov 2 and modifed it to infect humans I can't remember her exact words; she did a few interviews back in spring-summer time she said, it came from the lab, so perhaps, not a bio weapon in the strictest sense of the word, but a variant of one, perhaps, a watered down, natural virus, that has been modified a tad, so they can roll out, the plan of the reset and it seems, gradual depopulation agenda to the tune of trillions for the pyschopaths at the top
  13. I must admit, Anti Facts Sir, the, peeps who say, there is no virus put my head in a spin I accept their cooking the books with the casedemic I accept with and not of on the death certificate; comordbidities being the thing; the act changed the signatory on a death certificate to 1 rather 2 doctors, or just before IIRC I also accept that people are legtimately dying of something, and yes, there are a lot of vax deaths, I think they are assigning to covid and it's variants I also accept the dying with, has become so ludricous, that is shows their desperation but despite many claiming, it has never been isolated in its purest form and has failed the Koch postulates criteria something is killing people, other than all of the above I always saw a lab when I tried to read it, last march 2020, with low ceilings and hazmat suits I personally believe it is a real bioweapon of some sort, but cannot prove it, despite the claims of various, like David Martin, and the Wuhan virologist who sought asylum
  14. is Bojo the clown, giving a press conference, this evening to announce more bullshit ? or am I mistaken
  15. fine, fair enough, sorry I have gone soft, or cried,I don't remember doing either actually but each to their own
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