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  1. Remember that Israel was the first to go into lockdown again around Sept last year. The rest of the countries followed soon after, as expected... Sadly , in this case, it might not be any different . Since the goal is the turn the west into a China/North Korea like society, this is just another step in that direction.
  2. I don't know about cases dropping. Here in Eastern Europe the media is already selling the 3rd wave and cases are starting to rise.Czech Rep will go into heavy lockdown soon .. Things are getting crazy again. It's never going to end until they are doing these PCR tests. This fall will be the 4th wave. You think we won't have one ? I seriously doubt it.
  3. I believe there is a huge pressure on them to ease lock-downs now.. There is a general feeling in the air that the public are starting to have enough and you know, the anger is boiling ... So they had to do something. It was the same before Christmas , but they came up with the variants. They can't do that now and we shall see where this vaccination thing is headed. This fall will be interesting to see. If there is another wave caused by the early flu season, what will they blame it on ? Some new variant , blame the " anti vax" group . Also what if those that are vaccinated end up getting it and in a very bad state.
  4. No, it's not a sign of anything... Their agenda keeps moving forward. When they'll vaccinate 70% of the population, they can easily enforce passports and restriction on the remaining 30% to force them in line. Just look at Israel . They were the first ones last Sept to go into lockdown again with the others in Europe following and now they are the ones that speak of draconian measures for those who refuse to take the jab. Also, after COVID has done it's job, we will move forward with the next scare : Climate . As usual, people will fall for that as well . Once they control our perception through the social and mainstream media, it's almost impossible to turn things around. There will never be enough people to see through their schemes and us modern humans are totally disconnected from nature and this planet in general. We are like walking bots... That's why we are so easily manipulated by these people. We haven't got a clue about anything: our bodies, the environment etc.. We were taught to listen to these experts about what the next step is .
  5. Icke made a video called " How they pulled it off " where he talks about why it all started in China . Right now, it's clear they want to copy the chinese communist model of human control and bring it to the West, which up until now was about " democracy " and " human rights" , at least on paper. All these lockdowns , restrictions are all carbon of copy of the Chinese model . There was another a model, the Swedish one, and everyone from the mainstream said it is WRONG " they are killing people''... You don't hear much from Sweden nowdays, do ya ? Well , they haven't closed their gyms ever since , even if they had some restrictions in place. But anyway, why would they turn the West into commie China, I really don't know , but that is what they are doing. Vaccine passports are just another China like measure . And remember that last Sept, Isreal was the first to instate a full lockdown and other followed shortly after. Now Israel seems like is going to lead the way with the passports and others will follow up cause its all part of the plan. In the meantime society seems to be passive to everything happening .. Don't really know why. This mass amnesia is just perplexing.
  6. Intuition has nothing to do with academia... You can have three doctorates and still be like everyone else is, a " software program" . You see through it because unlike your peers, you search for information from different sources and try to see what is happening from a different angles. Your peers do none of that, they just turn on their TV and wait for the " expert professors" to tell them what's going on. If you don't use your muscles, they atrophy. It's same with critical thinking.. If you are constantly fed information , and don't have think for yourself for one second, you just become used to that state of being.
  7. I wonder what will happen if any of the vaccinated will make a severe case of flu or " covid" during the flu season and ends up in ICU . What will they say then ? They got infected because of some antivaxer ?
  8. Yes, they could have done that, but they didn't because there 24/7 propaganda on the mainstream media and social media about covid deaths and surge in cases. All day, it's deaths, ICU units with people ventilated , experts explaining graphs , etc.... This is too much for the average person to handle and be able to see through because they targeted our natural fear of getting ill and losing a loved one . But you used a key word in your post : " people trusting their natural instincts" . This is very important. So all of us have this gift called intuition , but our society does everything in it's power to suppress it . In covid's case , it was what I told you earlier . 24/7 media propaganda with fear mongering and doomsday so called experts telling us that we gotta wear 6 masks . Yes, most people knew and still know something is a fishy , but they see all these experts telling them it's for their own good , it's very hard to not comply . Constantly getting fed with information has the side effect of humans being unable to think for themselves anymore , which we can see happening today.
  9. I disagree here. No one knew last year what's going to happen . It was all too new for everyone and during summer we had hopes that it will be all right by fall . Even my company predicted that things will be fine-ish by september . Then came August and we started hearing about the 2nd wave. 2nd have hit exactly when they said it would. After people got tired of the 2nd wave, they came up with the variants and so on. Until people are able to put food on the table and are payed to stay home, they won't do anything . It's great, right ? Getting payed to play video games while staying at home is a " dream come true" for many. Why would they care ?
  10. You'd be surprised to find out how much they can humiliate these people without them even realizing it .. I am willing to bet if they told on national TV that we need to wear 6 masks , people would wear 8 , just for their " safety" ... At the end of the day we hate these Gate's and Johnson's , but all this is only possible to due people unable to break out of their programming . We are taught to be like this since we were children. Some of manage to escape it due to some circumstances, but the majority won't be so be " lucky " and they end up like as proud cattle when they reach adulthood . I mean look at their arguments they have against you questioning anything. They just recite the same crap some " expert" told them on TV the other night . These elites know exactly how life works and they made sure that majority of won't have access to this information ever...Everything that has happened since 2020 is proof this. You can see how brilliantly everything is played out . It's just a perfect script that is played out so brilliantly by manipulating perception. Perception is everything... once they have that they can make us eat our shite as well.
  11. They are all worried about their political careers . They know if they say something " wrong" they are out ...
  12. They need to vaccinate 70% -80% of the population before they would consider ending lockdowns. If they pull it off, they can basically safely enforce the covid passports and lock out the unvaccinated 30-20% of the people out and shame them like they are some kind of weirdos, whilst the rest will be proudly walking around showing off their covid passport as " real, true and responsible" citizens . Then they will go for the children as well this fall, most likely after Zeneca will finish their trial for their vaccine for children. All part of the plan to turn the West into a copy of the chinese communist state.
  13. The idea of asymptomatic super spreaders is just another example of how " brilliantly" they manipulate our perception ... and the only of goal of this asymptomatic spread BS is to justify lockdowns and social distancing . Also, notice how basically every maisntream study you read regarding covid and vaccines only justify lockdowns and this stupid measures that do nothing. I always find it very weird how they impsose strict lockdowns and your country starts having record cases and deaths. What the hell ? And then they blame it on the people, and people start blaming each other and think that the record of cases are due to Joe not wanting to wear a mask outside. Can you imagine that ? There will be travel , but only essential travel . You will spend your " holiday" in the nearest village and remember the 2030 agenda . The ad for 2030 said that you won't have any reasons to leave your house ever . The ad clearly says that shopping will be obsolete and everything will be delivered to you by drone or courier. As funny I found that, Youtube constantly plays adds by Glovo that literally " can deliver everything" . Interesting times are ahead us. My only hope is that people will have enough at some point and will start non complying.
  14. It's all about perception .... They control that so brilliantly . All this plandemic or whatever you want to call it is done in such a brilliant way that it's way too much for the average person to see through it . They use repetition and our natural fears against us . If you think about it, it's impossible to stop it because no matter how many are able to see through, the vast majority will always do what the govt tells them. It's how we were taught since birth. Always do what authority tells you. As for the deadly UK variant, it was a matter of time was it ? Remember when it came out. " oh it spreads faster, but it's not deadlier '' . Then after three weeks : " It's more deadly " . Then, after the lockdown period " expires" something always has to happen to justify extending it . If this so called " agenda" goes on for thousands of years as David claims, what are the odds that humanity will be able to stop it now ? I don't want to sound all doom and gloom, but I was thinking about this today.
  15. When they announced the lockdown at the start of November, I felt that it will be much longer than that. But they won't say that " we will lock down until december 2021" for example because that would get people very angry. They go step by step. Just one month to fix the curbs ... and then, right before the one month period is over, something happens. Cases go up, a new " mutation" to scare people and then what happens ? Lock down has to be expentended. New mutation is very dangerous .. it attacks kids now, they say. More panic and people buy into it. Many ask how long will it last ? I just checked wordometers and I see that the UK has 3,072,349 of total cases and over 2 million people have been vaccinated. So when will we see the positive effect of the vaccine ? Because in order to return to normal life, we have to take the vaccine. That's what they're telling us on TV 24/7 , even in Eastern Europe where I live. But as long as they are PCR testing, the chances of any normality are very slim. In fact, I think one of the reasons why they are pushing the vaccine so hard is because they want to make it somewhat mandatory. You won't be able to do things if you refuse it . So, in my country they said that in order to stop the pandemic 70% of the population has to vaccinated. If they pull that off, they can basically ban access to public events, transport to the rest of population that refused to take it. This is why I think that the restrictions will last as long as enough people are vaccinated , and as usual, they will blame the people for slow vaccination roll out.
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