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  1. Someone made it up though - who would actually believe this nonsense?
  2. The more they say they’re not going to enforce a no fly zone the more it looks like they’ll do it, don’t know which politician said it at the weekend but he suggested a limited one in the west of Ukraine to protect the refugee’s
  3. Thanks bud, will definitely listen to it, this issue has bugged me from the start
  4. My thoughts on this so far - it seems to me that Putin is trying to take over a country while keeping all infrastructure intact, no shelling of gov buildings, airfields, road network, railway, radar installations, Ukraine military, even in 1991 Gulf war the coalition fired hundreds of cruise missiles on first night and had air superiority in a couple of days, then basically flattened Baghdad etc way before sending in the army & tanks etc. Regardless of whether this war is as reported or not, it doesn't look like much of an invasion, and why aren't there embedded reporters on front line as in the Gulf?
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-live-updates-us-accuses-russia-of-adding-7-000-troops-despite-moscows-claims-it-is-withdrawing-as-foreign-secretary-to-visit-kyiv-12541713?postid=3373282#liveblog-body Could the start of something?
  6. Hello, I imagine this has already been answered but why do people who have bought into the virus nonsense have no questions or concerns about some of the more glaring problems with it all - such as if the 'virus' is so transmissible that they wear masks and social distance etc to avoid catching it, they will gladly accept having a cotton bud shoved up their noses and down their throats to test if they have it, and never ask why they can't just breathe onto it or do a simple cheek swab if it can be spread as easily as by brushing against someone in a shop or being in a room or on the bus with someone or touching a door handle and so on. Always wonder why even if people believe that there is a deadly virus they never ask the simple questions.
  7. Thanks for all the advice, I've tried rationally discussing it in basic terms, such as it's pointless having it as doesn't stop infection or transmission but as you say they're so brainwashed that they just don't listen and basically shout over me that I'm wrong/stupid/putting them in danger etc - so sick of it, I'm just letting them get on with it now, fools.........
  8. How do you guys deal with people who say because you're not having the vaccine you're putting others at risk.......I've got this with a work colleague, I haven't gone into detail with him about why I'm not having it as its impossible to discuss it as he just won't listen,
  9. http://news.sky.com/story/more-than-100-years-before-asteroid-apophis-may-hit-earth-says-nasa-12258308
  10. Juts like Bones in Star Trek with his no-needle injections that cure anything....
  11. Never heard of steganography, I've looked it up, so it is hiding information in some other information?
  12. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rare-meteorite-united-kingdom-fireball-asteroid-building-blocks-of-life/
  13. Keep seeing things related to this Its interesting where in the night sky it is visible, at 5min 20secs it shows where, I've taken a screenshot. Corona?
  14. Interesting video, this would make sense just not sure how they would pull off wiping out a city and make it believable, but people will believe anything it seems. Still keeping an eye on this
  15. The other ad is for IKEA, this meteor is bringing human waste, all about climate change
  16. Haven't seen this one but yeah predictive programming at its best, couldn't believe it, social distancing, quarantine, new virus strains, vaccine side effects the main difference was people were dropping dead in the street which isn't happening now of course, but the virus in the movie was real...
  17. So I've just watched Contagion which was made in 2011....it's a blueprint for current events, even down to the virus coming from bat's, except in the film it is in Hong Kong not China, unbelievable...
  18. Thanks for these Coldrum, its exactly what I was thinking, meteor could be real or metaphoric, need to keep an eye on this
  19. Panorama are pushing the vaccine at the moment.
  20. If this is in the wrong area then I apologise, couldn't find this topic anywhere else First post on DIF so bear with me...........So I've been looking into this predictive programming in the media and find it fascinating and concerning. Just recently I have started to notice media with the theme of a meteor impact. I'm not sure what to make of it all, this has been the theme in a few movies 20+ years ago, Deep Impact & Armageddon, maybe it's just a popular visual or maybe not. The money supermarket ad shows a control room with a countdown to impact 9:112 ( 9/11 V.2?) The movies Greenland is all about meteor impacts (583) Greenland Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers - YouTube There is another regular ad on TV, I forget what is is, could be a car ad, if I find it I'll put up the link What does anyone think, time to panic or not?
  21. Hi everybody...just joined, have been following David's work for years, have bought a few of his books, been reading the forum posts for a long time and think it's about time I get involved. As far as covid is concerned I don't believe any of it, just trying to figure out what the end game is going to be, won't be having the vaccine out of choice. Looking forward to getting to know you guys during my time here..
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