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  1. I remember seeing a video with a guy measuring the 5G radiation in a city close to masts and the levels were off the charts, way beyond the safe levels.
  2. Hi there. Could someone explain why the wearing of masks could be a bad thing. I know it's messed up and not 'normal' but surely it must help lessen the spread of any illness through water droplets via exhalation
  3. That link is very interesting, if it's true. Thanks
  4. How can anyone know anything anymore if we are skeptical of everything? Where can we get material that isn't biased or hasn't a certain spin on it ? That seems to be the biggest problem these days.
  5. Some people were stating a correlation between covid symptoms and 5G. It just seems very unlikely. I could understand increased cancer rates close to a 5G mast though.
  6. I was laughing at your witty comment. Chill out . As David Icke states - infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion
  7. Thanks Morpheus. We already are using so much digital currency and they can already track us on our mobile phones. I've heard about the microchips being injected before but I find it hard to believe. Maybe it's my defense mechanism . Thanks again
  8. Thanks for the info. We will probably never know the ultimate truth and I know things are rarely as they seem. Is it within the realm of possibility that this could be a real pandemic ? Thanks again I appreciate the time you took.
  9. I've been a truth seeker since I was asking the Sunday school teacher questions they couldn't answer back in the 1980s. I've always asked questions. That's why I'm here. Excuse my ignorance as I'm no expert, but what benefit would hoaxing a global pandemic have for any government other than losing them loads on taxes?
  10. Fair enough. I do admire David Icke. It took alot of courage for David to first talk about what he believed in. I felt so sorry for him when he first appeared on the Wogan show. Don't get me wrong, I would not want a 5G mast beside my home but I don't think it would cause covid symptoms. Maybe it could increase certain cancers though.
  11. It's good to be skeptical, but how can we research anything and trust the info being given to us. Everyone has their own agenda including the conspiracy theorists. Remember the 5G nonsense? We have to question the conspiracy theorists as well as the media. No one has exclusivity on the truth.
  12. They claimed that covid19 is 3 times deadly than flu. I just don't understand why the government would want to shut down businesses etc unless there is indeed a serious risk to people. Surely they would want to collect taxes rather than put the country into serious debt. I know governments are not always just but surely they will at least want to keep lining their own pockets with tax from businesses and workers. I just don't see the point in making this all up. There's so much disinformation around these days.
  13. Hello all. My wife had the first part of the vaccine 2 weeks ago and she is absolutely fine. I would get the vaccine now if I was offered it. The thought of not being able to breathe freaks me out more than the conspiracies. We all know a pandemic was going to hit the human race sooner or later so why can this not be it? Personally I think it's mother nature's way of saying she's had enough abuse from humans... Stay safe
  14. Do people still believe that there is no virus even though the NHS is overwhelmed? I have listened to and read alot of David Icke material in the past. I am all for questioning everything, but when people's health is at stake we must be very careful. Stay safe
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